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  1. That's good to know John, Thanks. Sounds like a job for the weekend. Paul
  2. Ok, thanks for all the replies. So its a collimation aid - that could be useful as I would like to check the collimation of my second hand scope anyway. Concerned from John's reply that it may be incomplete. Anyone have a picture of what it should look like - can it be ressurected? Paul
  3. I bought this item from Astroboot, described as a 'centering dist cap', with the hope it maybe able to help centre stars in the eyepiece. I don't think its for that, now I received it!! Any ideas what it is or used for - cannot find on google at all. It is a 1.25" fit. Thanks Paul
  4. If you know anyone seriously into card making they may have a cutting machine. A work colleague done mine from a tiff image file. the results were impressive. see photo.
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions . I'll try the de-focussing method first - hopefully later tonight if the skies keep clear. Paul
  6. Hi I'm fairly new to this, so please excuse if this is a stupid question. When aligning stars using the GOTO Skyalign feature on a Celestron I'm never certain if the selected star is accurately 'centred' in the eyepiece. I am a spec wearer but try with and without. It's more how centred does it need to be. I've heard about cross-hair reticules but is their some accessory one can add to the eyepiece so I can align to some reference point. Thanks Paul
  7. Thanks for posting this. Ordered a couple of filters and a centering dust cap (not quite sure what this is but at £2 I thought I'd see). I'm hoping it might help see the centre of the eyepiece view - for 'GOTO' alignment, but probably something completely different!!
  8. Received my Planisphere today. It measured 11.5" diameter, so well pleased . Noted price has gone up a few pence, but still can get 10% discount.
  9. I recently used this for my own solar filter. After fixing to the 2nd cardboard disk I was shocked to find the 2 disks still separate, nearly dropping the one with the film. All that happend was the 'protective film' only had stuck. 2nd attempt (with protective film now removed) was successful. Mine definately had no sticker and was purchased about a month ago from FLO. As you state beware of this one - that's two of us now.
  10. Didn't realise there were different sizes available. I guess I'll know when it turns up next week. There's no indication in the details.
  11. I've just ordered my first planisphere to hopefully speed up my familiarisation of the night sky. The Book Depository' are currently selling at £3.98 and there is a 10% code 'May11' so ends up at £3.58 delivered (Philip's Planisphere: Northern 51.5 Degrees - British Isles, Northern Europe Northern USA and Canada : 9780540088171). One of the cheaper astronomy aids I have purchased!!! Now just need a red torch to read it.
  12. This version has 2, 12V outlets and 2 USB's which each give 5V @ 0.5A. Should be plenty.
  13. arrived today, complete wth cigarette adaptor - fits straight to my Nexstar. lot bigger than i thought, but the 17Ah battery should provide plenty of power.
  14. Thanks Tarazed. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow. Just need to wire up to one of the cigarette outlets. I'm an electronics engineer so no problem there. Sounds like I need some black tape to cover that blue light as well though. Cheers
  15. 'B' grade option now in stock for £22.49 (usually £49.99) - states its 17Ah. Ordered yesterday. As long as it works I'll be happy plus it has a 12 month warranty. Just need to colour the LED lamp red or change to red LED's (does this work for night use??). Doubles up as car starter and air pump!! Link here 5in1 Jumpstarter with Digital Air Compressor : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin
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