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  1. Hey all, I thought about space travel in the future. As I understand it then different gasclouds in space are very very hot. As we travel between earth and the moon or Mars we do not pass these clouds, but say in the future when travel becomes more extensive and we can travel in the universe. Would we not have to avoid such clouds ? I mean a cloud consists of matter and I take it the spacecraft would feel the intense heat in the clouds or am I totally wrong ? Chris
  2. I have been thinking. Our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide. What if on another planet there were 58% nitrogen, 41% oxygen and the rest was the same as here. Would we be able to breathe and live there ? And if we go even further so like 21 % oxygen, 58% nitrogen and 20.9 % argon would we be able to survive that ?
  3. It was not really for guiding but more so I do not have to switch.
  4. Hey all. I am considering trying to piggyback my SW ST80 on top of my Skymax 127. The thing I am unsure of is if the SW alt/Az mount can handle that weight with a camera attached to one of the scopes and maybe a webcam to the other ?
  5. Hey all. I was just sitting and wondering. If we say the universe is 14.8 bill years old and we decide that by the redshift in objects very very far away. We can agree on that the further we look the longer back in time we go, but should the universe not despand then ? Would that not mean that there would be a narrower and narrower window with objects in it ? As I can not believe the big bang happened right next to earth, the the further back we look the narrower the field should be. So why is it not that ? Any science guys out there with a good answer ?
  6. Nice to see a Venus. Nice going.
  7. wow stunning image. I can at least just glancing see 6 more galaxies in that picture.
  8. Sounds like an awesome challenge I will have a go at that when the weather permits.
  9. Hi Virgoman. Well that sure is a huge difference in size on mars. Venus is as I would expect it to be but I wonder why there is not more cloud detail in the cloudcover of Venus. Well I have worked off course a couple times on Jupiter but not with my skymax 127 and phillips 900 webcam. I am missing a laptop at the moment so I am trying to see if I can hook it up to my desktop inside. I also have a canon DSLR camera, the 1100D that I want to use but it is really hard to get the exact right exposure times for planets. I am thinking of trying to video the planets with it instead. So for now I am not really set up for imaging all though I have the bits and bobs.
  10. Well off course Jupiter is the favorite planet to image because it has a lot of detail and its so big. But it also makes it a somewhat easy target compared to many of the other planets. Let's take Venus. Yes it is cloudcovered but could there be drawn any details out of the cloudcover ? could there be different colors in the clouds ? I have seen venus in my telescope and it seems really hard to get a good focus because it is cloudcovered, but as with all clouds there must be features. Now that would make it a hard target to lure those details out of and a more challenging target. What about Mercury ? is there any chance of luring details out of that planet ?
  11. That was the feeling I had also. It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to get Mars and Venus in the same picture even though Mars is far away. I still have to see a picture taken by an amateur of Mercury hehe.
  12. Question....is it possible to picture the doubles with a Canon EOS 1100D on a Skymax 127 ? Would it give any good result ?
  13. Hey all. I notice mostly its jupiter that people image. I see a few Saturn and Uranus. How come nobody imaged the Venus Mars which was close to each other right now ? I know Venus is featureless but that just means one has to work harder on getting good results. Mercury should also be a target right now. Is nobody working on these planets ?? would be awesome to seeing something new in here. All though I must say all you peoples Jupiter and Saturn pictures are wonderful, I just fancy something else. So lets see those other planets.
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