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  1. Hi I have a heq-5 mount and need help trying to polar align it? What is polar aligning, and how do i do it? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Craig
  2. Ok great thanks for your help, il just stick it up for £40 and see how that goes. Thank you
  3. Hi, i have a HEQ-5 mount and it came with the standard battery dual axis motor drive, speeds 2x 8x 16x. I have recently upgraded to a sky scan goto, and was now wondering if my old motor is worth anything? Any help would be great, Thank you
  4. Hi, Thanks for the advice. I think it does need another weight to solve this problem though. I was playing around for about 2 hours earlier but still no joy. Thank you
  5. Yes i think this is maybe what i might have to do, because i have got both weights at the bottom of the rod and the telescope still wants to fall down. Is it because the telescope needs to be moved up or down? Or is it just a case of adding another weight?
  6. I have to weights on this rod, but i still cant manage to find the balance. I know its probably so easy to do, i just cant get my head round it. I have had the scope a few months and the instructions have gone missing, so its been a case of me trying to work it out myself. Its so frustrating.
  7. The problem is that when i release the RA and DEC locks the telescope just wants to fall to the ground and will hit the mount. Obviously i know that i need to be able to release these locks and the telescope just balances where i want it to, just seems really hard for me to figure out lol.?
  8. Hi, sorry its a skywatcher250xp F=1200mm D=254mm. It has got 2 ring round the centre, are these the rings that you are talking about? I am a complete beginner so i have not got a clue how to do anything here. Thank you
  9. Hello, i am trying to balance my skywatcher telescope on my heq5 mount. I just cant seem to be able to do it. Ive tried looking for videos on youtube but nothing there. Any help and advice would be great. Thank you
  10. Hi, I have a HEQ-5 mount with a skywatcher 250xp telescope (F=1200mm, D=254mm) Where do i start by setting my telescope to mount? With the weights, how are you meant to correctly set them up? Thank you
  11. Hi, Is it worth me buying a decent Barlow lens for my telescope? I have a skywatcher scope D=254mm F=1200mm Would it be worth it, and could someone explain abit about what they actually do? Thank you
  12. I am viewing it from kent. Its ok in my back garden i guess but obviously there is still street lights on outside etc. Is there any other deep space objects that are good to look at which are easier to find? All ive managed to find at the moment is Orion's nebula
  13. Hello, thanks for the diagram Yes that is how i was setting it up, except i put my wide angle eyepiece in the T-mount? So you rekon that i should take the eyepiece away and try it as the diagram shows?
  14. Hi, yes its a Sony DSLR. Sorry i when i said wide angle lens i meant eyepiece. The T-mount has a screw so that you can put a eyepiece inside. Would you say then i would get better results with out putting my eyepiece inside??
  15. Hi, i spent about 2 hours last night trying to locate this galaxy. I know the location where to find it, but was struggling to locate it exactly. Is it a hard object to see in the telescope?
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