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  1. Hale-Bopp is due back in 4385 - which is sooner than it would have been. It's orbit was about 4,200 year but was reduced to 2,533 by a close encounter with Jupiter. Think this post may have been inspired by my post on 'what got you into astronomy thread'. Really please so many have such fond memories of it. I just remember noticing it one night and then everyone was on about it (but not from the news, just folks taking note). It really was something to see. Hope we get another close comet some time soon - they are something special (But not as close as Shoemaker-Levy 9 that his Jupiter) That was something great to see to - even though only through the news.
  2. Thanks Lurker. I wait for the latest verion (and the price to come back down a bit). As another thread mentioned, I'll probably get some "Amazon recommends" when it does come out as I once looks sideways at the moon! (Ok, bought 'Nightwatch') but you know what I mean.
  3. Hi Rab. My advice is to take your time, read up and try and not give into telescope temptation - that is what I am trying to do! Still don't know what scope I'll get myself but the longer I leave it, the more I'll know and, hopefully, the better the end choice. Plenty of help and resources in the SGL to get started and thinking though. Ceti
  4. Posts like these are really useful to the beginner and helps enforce the fact a lot can be done without having to spend thousands. Lots of tips and links - great thread. Ceti
  5. Hi Simon Maybe ordering the SW 250 was the spell that broke the weathers back. Nice clear blue summer day skies (so far), from total grey wipeout. Did someone turn the sun on?
  6. Nice link - thanks. OU is great but so is the price.
  7. May have to get one of those SPC880 myself. Only need a scope and laptop then. Unless I use 10m USB/ network cables.
  8. Turn left gets great review on Amizon - think that will be my next purchase - bookwise. Thanks
  9. Hi Steve The 130 gets a lot of praise. Clear skies and welcome
  10. Hi Ken, and welcome, Another scope on my maybe list - Vixen VX10L. Be great to read a report once you get it pointed skywards.
  11. Hi Richard Great scope to get going again with - I've started with 4mm's - eyes ;-)
  12. Hi Kirk Warm welcome from Scotland
  13. Hi Smiddit, welcome - clear skies today - in the NE at least.
  14. Same here, looking forward to it - thanks for the reminder.
  15. It may be easier to understand and remember in English rather than Latin - Bit like animals/ plants etc. Happy to use either, or both as I learn them.
  16. How is the 127 on DSO? I know bigger scopes can capture more light but are they ok for DSO's. The scope does tick many boxes for me, but I'd like to see some DSO's (with a little bit of detail on some). Cheers
  17. Hi Axe and welcome from NE Scotland to NE England.
  18. Don't have a scope of my own yet but I found a decent book in the library that has help as a good grounding to work from when making the choice. 'Astronomy with a budget telescope' by Patrick Moore & John Watson. This book gave a good intro and gave an idea of the types of viewing available in the budget scope range. I've also read 'Nightwatch' by Terence Dickinson. Another great read - easy to follow and a good staring point for all aspects of astronomy. Great tips on scopes too. I still don't know what I'll get but I am starting to build up a picture of what I want to do and a list of possible scopes taking all the advice into account. No easy choice though and a few questions to the forum yet but those 2 books really helped. Of course, there are loads more Astronomy books in my local library but some of the subject matter is a bit just now. Hope this help out a few other beginners like me.
  19. Hello PRG - Welcome - Still newish myself and the 127 is on my first telescope maybe list. When we get a bit of the clear black stuff again, it be good if you'd post on how you found it. Looks a great bit of kit of what I've seen so far. Clear skies mate
  20. I think you will be ok Raju, this website is sponsored by FLO. I understand supply is short just now following the success of recent programmes on TV - like Stargazing Live. However, I'd e-mail them expressing your concerns and they will hopefully reply with a better update on stocks and expected delivery - maybe even one or two forum members may have good connection with the staff and will hopefully post something to help put your mind at rest. I know we all hear of internet companies that are just cons - had/ having a bit of problems with one company (not astronomy related) myself. And it is worrying but, FLO look the real deal - send an e-mail and hopefully all will be ok with your order. Good luck and clear skies for your new scope when it arrives.
  21. Matty, this much cloud and duration is perfectly normal - you just have to think back to all the glorious summers the Uk usually has. Bit of a pain though, especially with the possibility of dazzling aurora. But, to be fair, it could be like a disco inferno up there - it's just the bouncer (dressed in swathes of grey won't let us in to see!)
  22. The hype for Halley's comet in 1986 maybe - and the disappointment of not seeing it! Also the 'mini big dipper' - Pleiades. It has always been something I looked for without knowing what it was. Also Hale-Bopp in 1997 - It kinda appeared from nowhere and everyone was talking about it - another one of those would be good but I read they are rare (and Hale-Bopp wont be back for a reduced to some 2,500 years - I'll keep and eye out). But that is part of the fascination, the journey and solitude of these objects in space.
  23. Know what you mean Pakmoto. When you get into something, the magazines are always high on the must read list. When it is buying kit for a hobby, magazines can be good for trying to pick up an idea of what to buy - and the ad sections get a bit of reading. Thankfully though, compared to some other hobbys, the Astronomy mags are more packed with articles - all part of the learning curve.
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