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  1. You could 3D print two spacers that are the same width as your rings, both with a flat top to mount your box to and with a radius profile on the bottom to match the outside of the rings. Then just bolt through the box through the spacers into the top of the rings. Jason.
  2. I usually use sheet aluminium for this sort of thing, you can have it punched or laser cut to any size you like if you are considering having it professionally made. I am a sheet metal fabricator/ Programmer, if you send me a DXF file of what you want I can get you a price. We only punch we do not have a laser. Alternatively I have also used a local engraving company. They have coloured plastic that reveals another colour underneath when engraved. They have also cut the shape out and all of the cut outs too. Jason.
  3. Yes the bracket can be a pain. There is quite a good choice of standard metal L brackets available from B&Q, Screwfix , eBay. I have used different ones in the past and cut and drilled them to suit. I have also used two L brackets bolted together. The real challenge is working out how to fix it. Google is your friend, search for your scope and things like diy focuser and more often than not you will find several approaches that people have come up with. Jason
  4. Thanks Upahill. I am a sheet metal fabricator, I made the bracket from stainless steel at work.
  5. I have not had any balance issues with this setup, the motor is reasonably central. When you consider all of the other kit bolted on 400grams is not a huge deal, especially when you consider that the scope is 4kg. I don't keep the finder on the scope, I was using it last night for alignment.
  6. I am using the Nema 17 PG27 on a myFocuserPro2 that I built, there are speed options in the setup ( slow, medium or fast) that allow you to speed up the motor. Once connected go to settings, Motor speed, and select the speed you require. I was quite supprised at how fast it can go! I have always prefered the overkill option, but I dont think this motor/gearbox combination is too bulky. Jason.
  7. I have mounted the same sensor onto a small pole inside my obsy at a small angle to allow the rain drops to run across the sensor surface, it is only exposed to the weather when the roof is open. It quickly activates my roof when it starts raining, but the roof started closing when there was no rain! After several false alarms I realised that dew was forming on the sensor and activating it. From what I remember the inboard due heater only activates once rain has been detected to dry it off, obviously this is not of any use as far as dew is concerned ! I have not done anything about
  8. JAS

    Mount Hub.

    Thank you SonnyE, I have been using this setup permanently in my obsy and I do find that I use everything available, there have been occasions where I could have used more 12v outlets! I am not sure I agree with your comment about being unreachable by most people, apart from the box itself there are many examples on here of every day people making similar things. I manage a sheet metal company and work in CAD, I have no previous experience with electronics, but my interests inspire me to look out of my comfort zone and learn how to do these things. There are plenty of answers on the net a
  9. JAS

    Mount Hub.

    I think I put the fuses after the switch for the 12v outlets, but I only have one switch for all of them. I don't recall putting a fuse on each dew heater outlet I believe I just had a fuse on the 12v feed to the circuit board for the heaters. I have not opened the hub up since I added the dew heaters, I don't recall exactly what I did, it was a long time ago!!! Jason
  10. I built my own filter wheel and drove it with a stepper motor. I used a switch for the home position and used a step count for each filter position. I have used it for about a year and have not had any issues. See my thread here: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php?/topic/186095-DIY-remote-filter-wheel My arduino code is there too, feal free to use it. Its probably not the most elegant of code but it has worked for me, no Ascom driver though! Jason.
  11. Somthing like this http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p3504_TS-Adaptor-from-M48--2--filter-thread--to-T2---low-profile.html Jason.
  12. The Atik 460 has a T2 thread when you unscrew the nose piece. You should be able to get a T2 to M48 adapter. Jason.
  13. How about one of these http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/321038181009?nav=SEARCH Jason.
  14. JAS

    DIY mount hub

    Thats not a bad price! It should do the job no problem. Hopefully you will be all up and running by the weekend.
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