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  1. Hello, I had exactly the same problem with my 490ex and the safest solution was to use a strap wrench - very cheap on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baby-Boa-Constrictor-Strap-Wrench-Jar-Lid-Opener-Undo-Open-/231411340712?hash=item35e130d5a8:g:ez4AAOSwnDxUgHPK and works every time. Rgds, Alex Avalon Fast Reverse Mount; TS 130 Photoline; Skywatcher ED80; ES CometCatcher; Astromodified Canon 1100D; Canon 700D; Atik 490EX; ZWO 224MC
  2. Hello again, Well the silence is deafening on this problem, including some other groups that I have posted in, but I have found the answer to the problem. I ran Astrotortilla in Windows Safe Mode and it worked fine. So I started removing services and applications and read on another forum that antivirus software doesn't always coexist well with the application. My antivirus software is Kaspersky. Merely stopping Kaspersky is not effective, what you have to do is completely uninstall it and then Astrotortilla runs perfectly. I replaced it with AVG free and that runs ok. So if anyone else has
  3. Hello, I have managed to use astrotortilla successfully with widows xp but having bought a Dell laptop recently running windows 8.1 (and now windows 10) , whenever I try to plate solve files saved from my previous computer (created using BYEOS) the program always hangs with the message "jpeg to pnm: writing ppm file". I have completely removed cygwin (not an easy task) several times and re-installed astrotortilla v5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 several times but always get the same result. I assume that it is a permissions problem, maybe with backend.cfg? Would anyone have any idea what is going on and how
  4. I have recently become very interested in Astrophotography and so I downloaded Astrotortilla having seen many very positive comments here regarding it. My setup is a an observatory mounted 12" Meade LX200 ACF with an ED 80 Piggy-backed on top. I have very good Polar alignment and good goto accuracy using either the handbox or Skytools 3 or Stellarium using the Ascom drivers for my mount via POTH. I have no problem solving images taken with BYEOS using a Canon 1100D - solving usually takes between 10 and 20 seconds but when I attempt to use Astrotortilla to slew to the accurate position it move
  5. Hello Space Beagle, Have you considered the RVO astronomy chair? It folds up for storage, is adjustable and there is a video of it being assembled on the attached link. RVO New Observing Chair | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics I bought one and am very impressed with it. Rgds,
  6. what was the delivery time on the hand set ?? Mine arrived after 2 days. I have used Teleskop Service in the past and they have always been very reliable.
  7. I got one last week and it works fine with my 10 inch skywatcher auto dob. It comes with rev 3.03 firmware and you need to upgrade it to rev 3.08. Mine didn't come with the pc rs232 lead but they sent me a lead free of charge when I queried it. The software upgrade is very easy.
  8. Thanks for that Jason. A fascinating article but it is starting to get rather complicated - I shall try again tomorow. At the end of the day is it worth getting the collimation absolutely spot on? When do diminishing returns set in? I suppose that the ultimate test is with a star but there seems no chance of that at the moment with the current weather.
  9. I am still having trouble getting my skywatcher 10inch dob accurately collimated. I can align the primary to the secondary and the secondary to the primary fairly accurately and repeatably using the hotech laser collimator, but the final setup is not centred in the collicap - it has moved up a bit giving a gap at the bottom. The starting point is fine and I can get the image in the colli cap fairly central by adjusting the central screw in the spider as per Astro baby's guide, but as soon as I align the secondary with the primary centre spot with the hotech collimator - which entails moving th
  10. Thought youmight like to know that Teleskop Services now sell a "Skyscan" handset specifically for the purpose of upgrading the skywatcher auto dobsonian scopes to goto. Wolfi says that they have sold a large number of these and it works perfectly. Cost is about £178 including delivery which works out about £120 cheaper than buying the goto option outright. Skywatcher SynScan GoTo Upgrade für Autotracking Dobsons
  11. Eric the Halibut


    Hello and welcome to SGL
  12. Thanks for that Peter you were spot on. I wound the focuser all the way in and bingo I can see all of the clips. Mel's tutorial actually says 'Use a collimation cap in the focuser to force your eye central to the focus tube and rack the focuser tube as far out as possible.' Perhaps this should say 'as far in as possible.'
  13. My Skywatcher 10" auto dob arrived last week. Unfortunately there were a few problems: 2 small dings in the tube; thumb screw in 1.25inch adapter broken in half but worst of all the telescope would not stay in any position below 45 degrees without falling back to the horizontal position and the motors would not function properly. I had to send the offending panel back to OVL and received the replacement today. The scope works fine now but unfortunately they left out the handle and screws for the side panel. Do Skywatcher not have a QA department? These seem to be pretty elementary problems th
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