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  1. I am planning to use a heated strip around the ota and a heated dew shield on the C9.25. Do you think that will do the trick, I'm assuming it can't create too much heat and cause thermal issues as they are so low powered? John
  2. Right, here we go again for toinight! For the first time in ages I have a day off tomorrow and the skies look clear so fingers crossed for a long session grappling with AP! Deep breath......
  3. Ha! Good luck to you who have clear skies! Stay away from me, I am cursed. Even if it clears I can guarnetee there will be another problem (due)!
  4. Wow! First time I saw the GRS last night! When I stacked my images today I also now see Europa atransiting and appearing which was great! Silly question,why is the GRS so pale at the moment, i.e. not red?!
  5. First decent looking night in ages, I'm not sure why I bother!
  6. For similar money I just bought a pair of Revelation 50 x 70's, and L adaptor and a Horizon mount. I am really impressed with my first views, I think the mount makes a huge difference to handheld. My plan is to stick them in the car over winter to use during the long nights. John
  7. Revelation 15 x 70 are £55 at Harrisons....
  8. Thanks for the tip, I've been waiting for this!
  9. What capture software are you using? I tried mine with Sharpcap but I don't think that supports QHY5? John
  10. How would these compare with 15 x 70, more power but less light gathering?
  11. Thanks gents, it looks like you are spot on! I have ascom checked, not on camera, hopefully the skies will stay clear for me to try again tonight! Thanks again.
  12. I am trying out guiding for the first time tonight with NEQ6/QHY5 and get the error "Ascom driver failed PulseGuide command" Does anyone know what this is?! Thanks John
  13. Where were you Stu, sounds great?!
  14. Focus would probably be a lot different to the eyepiece and the barlow will make it dimmer. Try with the gain quite high at first and then adjust. There is an excellent tutorial on Astronomyshed... John
  15. I don't have disks for either so I have downloaded both drivers. I have had the SPC working before but I've got no idea why it does'nt now! I wish I had a clue about computers!!
  16. I've just reloaded lots of software and think I must have missed something simple. With either my SPC900 or QHY5 plugged in to the USB Sharpcap does not show the camera as a choice. I'm not sure if the QHY5 works on Sharpcap but the Phillips obviously does. Have I forgotten to do something obvious? John
  17. Apologies for jumping on the thread but how did you get sharpcap to recognise your QHY? I have the 5 and not the 5v, is this the reason it does not show up on Sharpcap? Thanks
  18. I'm glad, and sad, to say I saw the last landing at Filton, nothing looks as good as Concorde in the sky.
  19. I was thinking of just a 5m extension from my hub, do I need the more expensive active version or can I get away with a standard 5m version for a fiver?! John
  20. Sorry Merlin, just re-read my post again which isn't clear, the Meade T adaptor I was using which does'nt allow me to acheive focus is 55mm. I'm thinking the Brightstar OAG in the link looks shorter than the 55mm Meade which would hopefully give me focus? John
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