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  1. Hi, I'm browsing before buying my first scope and trying to work out the difference between these two Meade's. I'm sure there is a very simple answer, does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. Hello from another Dorset beginner! SOunds like you have better skies than me here in Poole!
  3. Does anyone know what is the best free light pollution map? I'm trying to work out the nearest dark sky to me (Poole, Dorset)? Thanks
  4. Hi from a fellow beginner in the same boat!
  5. Are there any tips on good places to look for second hand equipment? I'm watching ebay but also a bit nervous of it as a beginner!
  6. Thanks for your help, I knew this would'nt be easy! Annoyingly I think I want to see everything, planets and deep sky! Initially I think visual is what I would be doing but I would be interested in moving on to imaging, probably not too in depth though. I have a laptop so is it just a case of going for something like a Celestron imaging package as an add on when I get to that stage?
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum and astronomy. I'm looking for help buying my first scope. I think I need something good enough to keep me interested and easy enough to use (GOTO a must). Scopes that caught my eye are Nexstar 6 or 8se and Meade LX90. I would def consider second hand to get the most for my money. Does anyone have any ideas or advice? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks, John
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