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  1. I'd like to show my interest please. I would have done so earlier but thought it was sold.
  2. Will do come better weather, been meaning to for a long time
  3. Here's a quick snap of The dish at Jodrell bank from my house taken just using my camera resting on the car roof. I didn't think it was too bad consideing I'm 45-50 miles away
  4. Thanks for all the heads up guys, it looks like I'll have one on its way soon
  5. I'm looking to get hold of a used celestron 8 se mount , I've tried e-bay and astrobuysell but can't find one. Is there anywhere else I can look for one or similar to fit my c8 ota. Thanks Rich
  6. Thanks Scotty, a very handy link for the beginner
  7. Thanks for the pointers Starguest I'll have a little play again tonight and see how I get on. R.e. the the Dec control, yes the shaft goes all the way through giving you two end. Should I have a knob to go on each of them ?
  8. Hi all, I reieved my sparkling new SW200p and Eq5 mount yesterday I have it all built up and ready to rock but have a few questions. It says in the instructions to balance the scope at 20-30 degrees but it won't go below 30 ?? I have 3 places to put the push on knob/adjusters but only 2 knobs, is this right ? The controls are on the opposite side to the eyepiece, have I done something wrong ? Thanks Rich
  9. RICHJ

    Hey from LA

    Hi Tardysweep, welcome from N.Wales
  10. RICHJ

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Cashman, welcome from another newbie
  11. Welcome to the lounge Thunderbird
  12. RICHJ

    Thanks Everyone!

    Welcome from me too and good luck with your new kit
  13. Hi Kirk, welcome to the lounge from cloudy N.Wales
  14. RICHJ


    Welcome to the lounge Ravi
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