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  1. Hi GeeBee I have just received my Celestron Ultima DX 9x63. They are great all-rounders. You wont be sorry! Now all I need now is the time to use them. Clear Skies David
  2. Hi Phillc Have you tried the "WorldWide Telescope" from Microsoft ( it's FREE). :hello1: Stunning pictures for when its cloudy Give it a try All the best David
  3. Hi Eddie and welcome to SGL David
  4. Hi and welcome to SGL David
  5. Hi Jon, Welcome to the forum. :wave: David
  6. Cheers Steve I think it’s my fault; it’s the curse of a new scope. I’ve recently had a Celestron CPC800. I think it’s rained every day since then. David
  7. Hi Steve have you had a chance to do a comparison yet? David
  8. Hi Neo Welcome to SGL. :wave: David
  9. Hi John & Son Welcome to SGL. :wave: David
  10. Hi Lightbucket Welcome to SGL. :wave: David
  11. Hi Phil Welcome to SGL. :wave: David
  12. Hi John Welcome to SGL. :wave: David
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