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  1. Beautiful! I can see a hand and a face where.
  2. Stunning! I suppose I'll have to wait till autumn to try and make such a beautiful shot with my 80ED
  3. When I see such a beautiful thing I dont care about color gradients or other things
  4. Looks nice. But somewhat I am used to watch it flipped horizontally
  5. Yes, i saw such things. I even saw some people in this way attaching a DSLR with a lens and taking a shot through eyepiece. Thought cant remember the result they got.
  6. I bet a good start is getting a mount and putting a DSLR on it and only later you buy a scope you like. That would be the cheapest way in. I was almost taking this path but found a deal on scope I couldnt resist
  7. Ah, and I am waiting for the moon to try out my 80ED
  8. Who needs a camera then you have phone? It really looks good. Haven't had any idea that you can take such pics using phone.
  9. Hello, at last I got my first scope! As I start to think, it was a long road of thinking, reading, decision making and all this started around two or a bit more years ago. At first I thought about walking 'bang for a buck' way and started looking at big 250mm Dobsonians. And I almost bought it. The only reason why I didn't buy that the only astro shop in my country is about ~320km away and I was with two friends so i thought it would be too crewel to make them hold my huge telescope for 3.5h journey. Later come ideas, that I might be interested in astrophotography and that maybe I should take 150-200mm reflector with some EQ mount and later upgrade it. Then started thinking about collimation issues and the need of mirror recoating after some years. I started shooting stars with my Canon 450D and stacking pictures and I felt that I will really need stuff for astrophotography so I started thinking about of only buying a good mount like HEQ-5 PRO(for tracking) and only do some astrophotography only with camera as I have lenses up to 300mm and later buying a scope. When I read some real life stories about having a huge telescope and only going to stargaze for only one time a month because of much work and trouble you have with them in order to going somewhere and preparing everything and much smaller scopes witch you just take and go. I thought about my personality too, and it looked like I would feel better of seeing less but seeing more often and with less problems and I grabbed used SW 80ED DS-Pro witch finally arrived yesterday from UK It has some spare screws but everything else is like new I have no mount yet so I put my new 80ED on camera tripod, it wasn't very good but at last I made my first look into sky. Thought I wasn't able to find nor M31 nor M42. I have a bit bad eyes so looking and searching is a hard thing for me as I see only a few stars in a night sky Now I am in search of a mount suited for astrophotography, prefered HEQ-5 Pro. Soon I will have access to Buy/sell forum section and I hope I will find a used one there With spring everyone and happy gazing
  10. Thanks. It really looks good. Now I know that to expect from my new scope too
  11. Yes, this one. It helped me a lot in my first photos to understood that I captured.
  12. The grain kind of adds a feeling of looking at an older magazine of astronomy
  13. Try putting this image in flickr astrogroup, they will resolve most stars and other objects
  14. svetimas


    You really have a result to be happy about. Nice!
  15. What can I say, looks beautiful
  16. Please, what was parameters of taking the shot?
  17. So I suppose we will soon see some examples?
  18. Oh, so they managed to build the rocket in the end?
  19. I heard UEFA match broadcasts slows the internet for the past few days...
  20. Thanks Dan, you made it very clear. I must have misunderstood the article I have read. Yet, now I know about Clangers
  21. Ah, so I must have somewhat misunderstood the article. So there is still hope of someone living on the other side
  22. Somewhat I always thought that the moon is rotating around the earth facing always the same side of his. But recently I read that he is rotating and not facing the same time all the time its just what rotation time is the same as his travel around earth and that he is facing to us his invisible side of his then he is between sun and earth (so we cant see this other side anyway) is this true?
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