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    Doh, you cant compare to my 5 x 60 sec exposure :) What mount have you used?
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    Nice... And exposure times?
  5. svetimas

    my moon2

    Thanks. And I still dont have my adaptors to connect camera to telescope so the shot and focusing was made by holding camera in hands :)
  6. Nice, it now has no burn out centers, I like that.
  7. Welcome! Two nights ago was my first time too viewing the moon over telescope
  8. Well, I live in Lithuania and I could say we have here only one real astroshop. Those 320km is almost from one side of the country till the other
  9. Chosing refractor you will lose a joy of collimation and you may not have to wait while scopes temperature goes down before viewing.
  10. Beautiful... And do you get a good visual on this too with ED80?
  11. I can't give to much advices but I can say it looks good
  12. I really like the Flaming nebula and the shining Betelgeuse. Nice.
  13. No pictures with this scope yet but when I will get a mount there definitely will be some I have made some simple ones with DSLR and stacking http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/129315-small-step-start.html
  14. Was this shot with ED80?
  15. It really looks great!
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