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  1. My current plan is to leave the lx200 out all the time under covers http://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/Catalogue/365%20Series%20Covers.html Are the covers I am looking at. Power would be disconnected when not in use. There is not much chance of building a dedicated observatory at the stage. Any thoughts? Kevin
  2. Hello Dave and welcome Kevin
  3. Welcome andromedastarre you will find many friendly people here Kevin
  4. Hi I am thinking of either making or buying a pier for my 12" lx200 and was wondering what the best dimensions for a pier would be. Diameter, height , it will be equatorially mounted. Is 8" diameter enough? Thank you Kevin
  5. Hi Paxo Did you take the OTA off the fork your self? How easy would it be to put back on? Kevin
  6. Thanks Martin I am in the process of obtaining an ultra wedge Kevin
  7. To help with ease of use when setting up my LX200 12 " I am considering leaving it permanently setup outside (power disconnected) I have found these covers 365 Series Covers - Telescopes UK: Telescopes & Telescope Accessories in your only London shop Has anyone had any experiences with outdoor covers. Of course I am concerned about weather conditions and the effects it would have on the optical tube and the electronics underneath Kevin
  8. Yes I would need a step up transformer to 19.5v for the laptop. For portability the battery would be ideal, was just wondering if I could save some money by using the battery at home as well. Thanks for your replies guys Kevin
  9. Will the lodestar work with an alt-azi mount with the guider input on the lx200? Kevin
  10. I am looking to build a better power set up for my 12" lx200 and future proofing it against future addons. Either going the mains route via a 12v psu or the leisure battery route. With extras attached ie. Two heaters, guide cam, ccd cam, laptop and lx 200 how long would a 100 ah battery last? One night? Thanks Kevin
  11. I have the giant field tripod and fork mount that came with the LX200 and have read that the PEC can be quite bad. I want to start some deep sky imaging and think the OTA is up to the job. I want to use a lodestar to train out the pec error and then the Lodestar and AO to improve it. If i understand the SX-OA device correctly the lodestar will control the AO and the mount at the same time? I wonder how it would be connected in that configeration? Also if i do progess to another OTA I can take the SX-OA with me. Thanks Kevin
  12. I had an error when loading focusmax. If you are using win 7 it must be started with Administrator rights - right click the exe for options Kevin
  13. Hello, I am looking to guide an Lx200 12" with a starlight Express lodestar and noticed the AO from SX. I read that it uses a tip tilt mirror but does it use the lodestar to measure or has it got another way of measuring position change? If it uses the lodestar would it not only be as fast as a lodestar? Any thoughts welcome. Thank you Kevin
  14. Thank you everyone still no clear skies Kevin
  15. Thanks for the replies. Have fitted a meade micro focuser, revelation 2" diagonal, and Meade 24mm swa 1.25" eyepiece Here's to some clear skies Kevin
  16. Hi everyone Just joined Stargazers after purchasing a second hand Meade 12"gps. I have always had an interest in astronomy and finally took the plunge and invested in some serious kit Only had one clear evening to check it out but the autoalign works ok. Ultimately I am interested in CCD imaging as a way to boost the sensitivity of the Meade. I hope to mount the 'scope in the garden, permanently, under a weatherproof cover for ease of use. Kevin
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