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  1. Hi Busby and welcome to SGL
  2. Ho stumids and welcome to SGL
  3. Hi frenriz and welcome to SGL
  4. I liked the part about entropy and the second law of thermo dynamics( bbc4 had a show on earlier this evening about the first law of thermo dynamics) entropy is a theory not well understood by most people
  5. Hi Whizzwoz greetings from a 12" sct in chichester, west Sussex
  6. Hi Carpe Noctem and welcome to SGL
  7. "Sunshine" is not bad, has great visuals of the sun towards the end of the film And quatermass and the pit! Kevin
  8. Which version of solaris? the 70's one is spooky. Plus an all time classic "forbidden planet" Also any one seen "the day the earth caught fire"? I say let's get the science back into science fiction! Kevin
  9. KevinCornish


    Greetings Jay Kevin
  10. Hi rob and welcome from sussex, UK Kevin
  11. Hi Rossco72, Is that a web site? If so could you say where it is? Thanks Kevin
  12. OHi Merlin no the gauge of the supply cable that goes to the controller I am going to fit my own 12 v plugs to connect to a power supply and wanted to get an estimate of the width of the supply cable so I can order the correct collar size ie 3mm, 4mm , 5mm I haven't got a dew heater yet so am not sure Kevin
  13. Hi I am designing a power hub and am looking at some nice 12v connectors, They have different collar sizes can any one measure the power cable width for a typical dew heater? And what are typical widths for ccd camera supply cables? The options for collar widths are 3.2mm 3.7mm 4.2mm Many thanks Kevin
  14. Hi LMC what equipment are you planning to leave outside? Have you tested the cover yet? Thanks Kevin
  15. Hi I work in the electronics industry and it should not be too difficult to change any plugs. I have been looking at the speakon plugs and sockets they seem robust enough and if the power is off before disconnect it should be ok. I am training myself to always go through a connection and power up sequence and then power down and disconnect sequence each time ie. Never hot plug! The only item I still need is an enclosure to put the psu in and finish it in black to match the lx200. Kevin
  16. Hi I am currently designing a new power supply setup for my lx200 and was wondering why a lot of astronomy equipment is powered via the cigar lighter type plug and socket. Is it just because in years gone by most people used their cars/ batteries for supply or is there a another reason ie. Better waterproofing, internal fusing etc. I was considering a 1/4" mono jack plug and socket for dc supply Any thoughts welcome Kevin
  17. Hi I talked to Bob Pitney. He is the founder and maker of the Telegizmos covers and he said the cover i asked about(the 365) can do what i ask of it though make sure that it is tied off at the bottom to prevent dew or moisture from rising inside and to check it at least once a week. this is the best option i have to get ready access to the telescope and to have it permanently equitorially mounted Kevin Merlin66. What danger did you encounter?
  18. I dont know if i will be asking too much of these covers but I would like to keep an LX200 12" outside, all the time, under one of them (the 365 version). It will be mounted on a pier so i can keep the draw string tight at the bottom to prevent moisture or dust getting inside. Kevin
  19. I will try and contact the makers of the 365 telescope covers and see what they say. I would make it as water tight, Dust tight and air tight as posible, The makers of these covers say it has a refective layer so that could reduce heat will report back when I know more Kevin
  20. No garage. The only other option is the giant field tripod or donate to my local astro society Not sure what to do Kevin
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