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  1. This is the site I use. straight from the horses mouth:- Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking Edit: Sorry, just realised this is the same site already mentioned!!
  2. It looks fantastic under good conditions, even more so when the shuttle undocks and can be seen trailing behind. I always use the official IIS site to view, they list a lot of towns in the UK.
  3. Hi, can you post a link? I wouldnt mind seeing the pic too. Where is the gallary found?
  4. Me too, that's why my decision has gone 127, 150P, 150PL, 200P DOB Flex, 150P back to 127....aarrgh!!! I imagine I will go for the 127 in the end and maybe a DOB later this year but FLO are currently out of stock of the Celestron.
  5. As others have said RAW gives many advantages such as being able to change the white balance setting after you've taken the shot. Try doing that when you've left your camera set on Tungsten while outside. But... many professional photographers do still make use of JPEG, especially those with a dislike to Photoshop who prefer to get it right first time in-camera. To be honest unless you are doing lots of post processing you will struggle to notice the difference between a high quality JPEG and RAW. Also, don't forget RAW takes up huge amounts of disk space and requires a meaty PC to process efficiently. I'm not dissing RAW as it does of course have lots of advantages for some people but I certainly wouldn't disregard JPEG. I personally use both.
  6. Thanks for the answers, shame it isn't available anymore. The 8inch would be perfect for me and (base size dependant) would have a nice home in my conservatory while in the 'R2D2' position.
  7. Hello, I have a few questions about the 200p flextube if anyone can help? What are the dimensions while collapsed (including the base)? I need to figure out if it's small enough to come on holiday with us. Can the AUTO model still be moved manually without using the motors (this puts me off the cheaper tracking mounts) Does anyone know if the non-AUTO model is available anymore? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Many thanks, Paul.
  8. Lol, our council is planning on turning off every other light. Somehow I don't think they have astronomers in mind...
  9. I have similar requirements to you, portability being one as I want to take it on holiday with me. Imaging is a 'nice to have' as I have a DSLR and wouldn't mind getting some shots of the moon with it. Planets - definitely, DSO's - certainly like to see the brighter ones. I have come to the conclusion that I do in fact need 2 scopes.... most probably a mak 127 GOTO and a 8 or 10 inch dobsonian. With that in mind I think I will start with the mak and if still using it in 6 months time consider getting a 2nd scope. However, just before the "all in one" door is shut, the flextube dobs from Skywatcher may be just portable enough for my needs (the 8" one anyway), and they can come with tracking for £470 or GOTO for a few hundred more. Maybe worth considering? Not great for DSO imaging but fine for planets.
  10. Sorry for being a pain, this is the only FLO lead I could see but it says it's not compatible with the Skywatcher GOTO or Celestron SLT, presume this isn't the right one?? Cables, Leads and Controllers - SkyTron Power Supply Cable for Skywatcher & Celestron Mounts If however it is, which connector did you need, cig or ring tongues?
  11. Thanks for the link, we have a Maplin store nearby so will visit at the weekend. Did you have to buy a lead to connect to the scope seperately?
  12. I believe RobB is correct, however as you mentioned if noise reduction is enabled you will have to wait double the exposure time due to the dark frame subtraction. I haven't tried this via the EOS software but it can be controlled via the camera itself (I have EOS 500D).
  13. If you don't mind me asking which power pack did you 2 go for in the end? I wish GOTO scopes would come with some kind of power pack, even a standard adapter so it could be used via a cord extension. Especially as battery power isn't recommended.
  14. Oh thanks I didn't realise it was in the 3GS. Shame they are not also in the iPod touches, I believe Star Walk will try to use the camera on that one but not convinced how well that would actually work...
  15. Wow great pic of M42. I am considering a mak 127 - what did it look like through the eye piece? I realise it won't be anything like your picture and will be b/w but would love to know how that scope manages with brighter DSO's.
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