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  1. Cheers for reply, think I just need to persevere and try a few combinations of EP and Barlow!
  2. G'day folks, wonder if somebody could advise briefly. I've not done much observing over the summer? Due to light nights or cloud! Last night I glanced out the window and saw that Jupiter was big and bright so decided to dust off the mak and take a peek. Really disappointed at the size of the image in the scope considering how clear and bright Jupiter was. EP used was Bader Hyperion clickstop zoom and the full range was used. The image appeared to be approx 6mm circle in the FOV. Would using my 2x Barlow bring any improvement? I am partially sighted and struggle to see detail in small images. Any advice appreciated!
  3. I have the Nikon action V11s 8x40s. They are selling for £59 in Jessops at the moment. Very bright and steady image with a wide FOV. I was watching the ISS and Discovery last night and the both fitted in.
  4. Oops, forgot Event Horizon Black Hole The Right Stuff Star Trek movies, the Wrath of Khan and ST11 are the choice Walle This could go on for a while....
  5. My Wife and I were lucky enough to see the ISS tonight, it's the first time I've seen in and was astonished at how bright it was. So excited I feel like a kid! Anyone else managed to see / image it?
  6. Fireball XL5, I used to have one of those, catapult it up, came down on a parachute! Anyone remember Space Patrol? ok, the topic Apollo 13 2001 2010 Close Encounters Forbidden Planet TV - Star Trek OS, Lost in Space, did anyone see the series Defying Gravity and The Cape? Sadly both were cancelled.
  7. Can I also offer some reassurance for you RE FLO. I recently Ipurchased an EP from them, decided I wanted an exchange, no problem, replacement arrived and old one collected within 2 days. I agree the lack of a reply the first few times I tried to contact them put me off and they lost the sale of a scope because of it. However, when I did get through to them they were so helpful I felt I owed them some business, they've been a pleasure to deal with. As mentioned earlier in the thread, seems SGL has caught the industry with it's pants down. The money was burning a hole in my pocket, but it still took 2 weeks to buy a scope, reason, stock cleared out cos of SGL! Regards SB
  8. Wow, great to see it in that detail. I saw a Shuttle launch nearly 2 years ago from Titusville, amazing! Also lucky enough to see it on the pad last May.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but please move it if it isn't! I was wondering after the recent Solar flares if anybody saw or imaged any auroras? It would be great to see pics! SB
  10. Same here in the West Country, occasional sunny days followed by cloudy nights! I got my scope just over a month ago and I think it's been outside for about three ten minute sessions, not had time to learn to align the goto yet!! Is this part of the deal with new scopes, "thank you Sir, and here is your free month of cloudy skies."
  11. Hi there Truly55 I am a partially sighted newb with same scope as you, and similar initial disappointments about the views I was getting. However, after a lengthy discussion with Martin at FLO, I tried the Baader Hyperion 13mm EP. Bearing in mind my visual difficulties, the improvement for me was amazing, clear **** views with great eye relief ( I can view with contact lenses or spectacles ). The Hyperions are the size of hand grenades ( another thread idea for Astro Baby maybe?) and I found I was fumbling in the dark and was terrified I was going to drop something expensive! So, I exchanged the 13mm EP for the Baader Hyperion clickstop zoom. Result, total transformation, I am not finding myself bobbing about to get my eye centred as I was withe the supplied Celestron 9pm. Hope this helps. SBG
  12. Well I bought Starwalk this morning. Had a little play and one of the things I found interesting is finding out where things are in the daytime. Can't wait for a clear night to try out SW and my new Baader clickstop zoom! Thanks again for all replies
  13. Many thanks to all for your replies I already have Planets, very impressed and as you say, free! Stellarium has been installed on my iPhone recently, but not had much chance to play. Think based on positive feedback I'll take a punt on Starwalk.
  14. I was wondering if anyone was using this app and if it's worth getting? Regards SBG
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