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  1. Sadly not, I only read the rules after posting. This was my first image ever many years back, my last rig was on my signature (which I miss). Apologies, but am still happy to share the image however
  2. Thanks very much. I loved the Skyhawk at the time and the views it gave. Great thing about this hobby is that we cobble together bits and make do where we can, yet the results are always pleasing... providing the clouds keep away Wish I still had my rig and more time to enjoy the night sky.
  3. Taken with my first scope, a Skyhawk 1145 on manual mount and using an old VGA Logitech webcam.
  4. Upgrading your focuser would be a tricky job. I posted a thread a couple of years back when i refurbished an old Orion optics 150. It had a standard r&p focuser and I upgraded to a TS 2" crayford, this meant having to carefully mark the Ota after removing the original focuser, cutting into the tube, smoothing painting drilling etc. The end result was very good but, as already mentioned, due to time spent and cost you'd. Be better off buying a 130pds.
  5. Cheers guys I've owned all three types of scope at one point or a other and agree, however I actually went for the mak. Space is limited and the mak will act as a good grab and go, until I have more time an can start building an imaging rig Is a newt really what you'd all 'prefer' though? Sure it's a cheap light bucket, but is it your favourite, is it as easy to use / maintain...
  6. If you had to have a sub £200 planetary scope what would you prefer? A. Long focal length frac B. Small mak C. Other
  7. Thanks very much, cant wait to get back out.
  8. I sold my imaging rig when I changed jobs due to the lack of time, but I have just purchased a new Skymax 90 to use as a visual grab and go. This should keep me happy and get me back under the stars
  9. Haha we do indeed! I guess we all want a scope that does everything eh Going back to my mention of the Borg Achromat, how would that handle lunar imaging Olly? I don't want to spend a fortune as my time is very limited now, but still very much have the astronomy bug.
  10. Massively interesting read. I am in the same boat as Chris, where I'll have little time for imaging now. I do however want a refractor that has a nice wide field, nice tight stars, be affordable, yet still capable of say some lunar imaging and deep sky again in future years.
  11. If anyone knows their stuff it's you Olly! Thanks for the heads up, and do you have any alternatives you could suggest? I was looking at second hand Borg 76 achromats, and wondering how it light fair for light imaging duties...
  12. You may recall that I'm a big refractor fan, and I love the Tak so will be watching this thread with interest.
  13. Thanks nightfisher. The Skyhawk 1145p has a cheap plastic focus tube and I remember mine was oval rather than round, also back then I had no idea about collimation. I would think you'd get some superb lunar images with a stock 130pds so, as you mentioned, just enjoy using it for a while and let the mods come later. You may find that the money you save gets put aside for a dedicated camera of some variety
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