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  1. your getting very good and you know it lol. awesome stuart
  2. quite expensive i'd imagine. lots of time involved
  3. this bright star not listed in stellarium! ? answer? .
  4. if you think your close your going to have to just do short ish 15secs exposure to 1 try and suck some light and 2 reasonably short in time so you can evaluate and then see if scope adjust is needed
  5. when in raw mode the on screen preview and captures and really grainy / lines ! normal and all processes out? looks real bad to tbh! ? Cassiopeia for reference raw . non raw .
  6. very nice. could multiple scopes capture the rgb stuff and then combine data? extreme yes and ot but just a question really?
  7. 28m usb to cat 5 user here powered hub at scope end jobs a good un http://stargazerslounge.com/1704822-post35.html
  8. syntreks the HE is just going to be so much more sellable if it has to go in the future agree? just gonna push the boat out to get a more sturdy mount and should keep value
  9. hmm NV i can get the washout to darken but i get no image! ? yes i have raw mode . prob you don't need for guiding
  10. is lx not possible in day light with std lens just for experimenting?
  11. best way i find is tell her you want to do something extreme like fit a world war 1 aiplane gunner turret upside down sticking out the roof (they make aerial views awesome and 360°) obviously loose the guns! or a 150mm dob will keep you happy for now she will give the later a blessing .
  12. wx seems to have no control! longer ex = no brighter
  13. thats daft. those MN's really suck it in
  14. hmm sounds difficult. its the beta you posted the other day.
  15. i've got 10 dead pixels or artifacts in lx mod! 7 secs exp and 13 gain. looking at light poluted clouds will it be a problem? .
  16. where are the dumps robin? having some crashes using the beta when using timed captures
  17. how do i have extended exposure without the brightness (over exposure?) or another angle. when you see a pic took of polaris with the stars doing a semi circle prob 6hours how is that taken? i'm using a lx spc900 and anything above 10secs is white! ??
  18. your not missing much outside pete. still not warm enough for short skirts
  19. are you powering the lego motor with a motor
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