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  1. after PA and wanting to observe due north which way do i flop RA? and opposite for south?
  2. MM its simply not that bright compared to daylight. thats why the ambient sky must be dimmer than the reflected light to be able to see it.
  3. I hope it blew you away because it has me
  4. hmm of course the distance changes too. so is the diameter important? i must be to do with lens angles / shape that dictates the diameter
  5. nice one. so when imaging with spc900 whats the lx mode for if you can clearly get good light on planetry with normal mode?
  6. a Ep's "size in mm" is the diameter or it visually looks like it is?. but is there any change in its thickness or shape? i ask because i don't see why you would get more magnification if it was the exact same piece of glass/lens/angles but just smaller
  7. whats the norm? focuser won't come out enough or in enough?
  8. the cg5 has a guide port (or atleast it does have now i modded it). but i got a usb-serial ttl to slew/track for the heq5 i was expecting to get. so wondered if it could be used to connect to the cg5 guide port. i pretty realise now it can't.
  9. but that is another interface type chris? namely direct to mount rj45 or 9pin (q6) or to goto hand controller.
  10. i was going to buy a heq5 goto and have already got my ascom and usb to serial ttl but i have terminated it ready with rj45 for sw heq5 mount connection for slewing/tracking but now as a stop gap i have a cg5 mount with manual track hand set. which i will mod to include a st4 port. so what will i need to do now to my usb-serial ttl ? will this work? the st4 mod appears to need 4 singles dec+/- and Ra+/- but afaik the ttl version is two singles but obviously they get polarity changes! ?????
  11. i must edit that pic if its causing problems although the info is in the thread you have to read it all. oh great no editing allowed. can a mod grant me access or themselves put a note above that pic its incorrect in malc-c web cam mod wiring thread
  12. nice HD vid to chill and relax:headbang: The Mountain on Vimeo
  13. its quite ironic you had a dig at lack of pics then provided none yourself lol
  14. seen here stu ? Instructions for Converting Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD Webcam for Telescope Use -by Gary Honis
  15. when i read the title my eye brows lifted for a nano second when i thought hmmm to the initiated alot of pics are jaw dropping and my expectation was lowered again. but dam that hit the spot
  16. yes daz thats correct^ by mistake i left my camera powered up for over 24hrs it was stone cold even after that. it does not get warm at all.
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