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  1. So officially the conjunction never happened? Surprising with the knowledge they have now
  2. Quite bright now these pair Venus/jupiter are on top of each other
  3. Is it this side of the Sun or the other side. Jun 2015
  4. awesome Malc, glad the kit is performing well for you
  5. can you edit the title to west for future searches please. thx rob
  6. thx rob, had a idea that the brightest things are planets but wasn't sure. even more suprised it was venus i only thought the jupiter and saturn where ever that bright.
  7. cant be sirius only just rising. ??? south west i meant too:o doh
  8. Travelling down the m6 at dusk and dam that's a bright star. What is it? Altair?
  9. hmmm. i'm not seeing stock numbers listed anywhere mark! ?
  10. was after a 200p months back but lost interest as no stock. has the levels caught up? i dont do ordering :)
  11. exactly what i used malc. expensive but good : a bit late popping on here but awesome job yesyes
  12. pants. the half and half eclipse looks ace in steallrium but clouds aaarrrggghhh
  13. we went over this but i've lost what worked:o just the software needed thanks
  14. sorry sailor missed your post. hopefully your all sorted
  15. properly wow. and some would say you attacked it wrong but still managed wow
  16. i bet there's a few but 13,000! ? how does the shuttle navigate that
  17. What sort of heads up was that! You could of called me. Lol
  18. he-he. ibm and bill gates to blame lol result
  19. seems like a control issue pc end? is there an option for invert? that way you could prove the electronics and that would strongly give cause to believe its the pc/serial/software. ?
  20. no electronics experience. but will the opto trans switch the required current? are you using coax? i ask as it can act as a capacitor iirc may effect things?
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