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  1. Hi Tony your right confusing to say the least, however, after i posted, i went back out and realised Doh, that the # off occations is just an indicator of how far your out, my specific problem is the dec axis, after the run i get two sets of dual green lines, one set of red lines and a green arc effectivly intersecting all three. Ialso get a couple of circles both red and green, if your familiar with WCS then you might have seen these. i also would like to know what value or use the calibrate tool is? Regards Ray
  2. Hi All, i've been trying to align my mount with WCS and a spc 900 webcam, i have'nt found it easy to press and need a little help understanding where i'm struggling. The instructions seem sensible enough but on the dec axis adjustment for e.g , it asks to do the correction 10 times or six times or indeed 3 times on susequent runs. how does this work without presing stop and restart??? Any guidance would be appreiciated. Ray:confused:
  3. Hi Dave; i took the time to scroll through your pic's, glad i did, i had wondered what i would be able to do with my OMC 140. i will want to mount both scopes on the Ci700, probably at the same time, then i think i'm in for a good time with my new mount. I had also seen the AMD adapter, again it seems there are a lot of options out there. The Geoptik universal saddle certainly appeals and i'll make my mind up in due course, as i get to know exactly what i need. wish i had lots of money!!! Ray
  4. Yes Dave, it was Toms; thanks for the link, i had dropped onto this while surfing but did not know if it would be suitable. you've sorted that for me, cheers. Ray
  5. first post here goes. My recently aquired ci-700 has a losmandy type saddle plate, i want to attach my 200mm f4 newt to it but the newt has a vixen style plate. i might also want to fit my OMC to it, also currently fitted with the vixen type plate. Is there a fits all plate available? it appears that there are lots of options- diferent plates etc. which would suit best, any ides anyone? Ray
  6. Thanks to everyone for the kind welcomes. Ray
  7. Thanks Mick; much apprieciated. Ray
  8. Hi All the name's Ray alias Libraryman; it's a long time since i last visited this forum but Hey; glad to be back. always had a strong interest in all thing astronomy, but like lots of folk, i spend too much time working and for the most part i'm an office astronomer, but i do get away quite often & enjoy visual astronomy when i can, i'm hoping to retire in a few short years, i can indulge myself then. i'm collecting a good range of kit together a special thanks to Tom for the ci-700 mount he sold me, a very good mount at a great price. That's me see you all next door. Regards Ray:D
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