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  1. Can this thread be made sticky and highlighted to encourage members to sign the petition?
  2. Thanks for that. I missed this when it was posted earlier. Signed now!
  3. Thanks Alan. I was hoping to come on Monday to the meeting. Not sure now with the turn in the weather. I was hoping to bring my kit as well. Hoping the bridge fees reduce as well as £6 a return crossing puts a dent in the pocket.
  4. Thanks for that. Watched a couple of You Tube Vids. As far as I can tell I am doing the right things. Just not sure why the targets are coming up a degree or so out when selected on the Synscan.
  5. Finally, a clear night but a little hazy. Light pollution here not helping either. However, I have at least been able to have a go with my new mount. I've not quite got it right yet but using two star alignment it seems to be slightly off. I'm not sure why and I am able to fine tune manually with bright objects like Mars &Mizar but struggling to find fainter objects like M82. Although this might be due to the conditions. Any ideas what I may need to do to get Synscan to be a little more accurate?
  6. Blue Danube - Strauss. Theme for 2001 a space Odyssey. Also Space Oddity by Bowie.
  7. Still not be enable to try Synscan mount out. While others on here were raving about clear skies last night it was cloudy here. Tonight there has been some breaks and I tried aligning the scope. Blast it, as soon as the scope started slowing to the second star the clouds came again. Aargh!!!
  8. Received the SkyWatcher AZ mount yesterday. Mounted scope OK. Manual skewing works fine and tripod is quite stable with the 130M on it. Just need a clear night now to learn how to use Synscan.
  9. I have now had a reply from FLO about the SkyWatcher AZ GOTO mount and it will take my 130M scope. I've taken the plunge and ordered one along with the required Dovetail bar to allow the scope to be attached to the mount. I'll let you know how it goes when it arrives. Thanks, Mark
  10. Thanks for that. I have wondered about the Skywatcher AZ GoTo mount but I don't know if my Skywatcher 130M Tube can be attached to the mount.
  11. Thanks Nosivad. I currently have a manual scope but I'm looking for a cheap way of getting a GOTO system as I have great difficulty finding the things I want to look at.
  12. With a bit of luck I might actually make this one:icon_confused:
  13. Thanks Alan, can't make the 1st but should be there on the 4th. Clear skies:)
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