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  1. I use Sat24 as mentioned, 7Timer and my own weather station at home which includes WXAstro capture to download live satellite images. Still damn cloudy though! Cheers Jamie
  2. The scope is acting as a camera lens. When looking through your scope using an eyepiece as you focus the eyepiece moves in or out (or in your case the mirror moves inside) to focus the image to your eye. When you attach a DSLR direct you focus on the imaging chip in the camera. Essentially you are attaching a 1800mm lens to your camera. Hope that makes sense? If you haven't already, buy the book (Making Every Photo Count) by Steve (Steppenwolf on here I believe) Cheers Jamie
  3. You dont need lens or eyepiece. The Scope is acting as the lens and the DSLR as the eyepiece as it were. Attach the DSLR using a suitable T Ring to scope focus and shoot. Either Video for stacking in Registax (Planets, Moon) or long exposures for DSO's A Bhatinov mask is placed over the end of the scope and you take a picture. Check the image on the DSLR and you will see a certain pattern. (Google Bhatinov mask) you can adjust the focus from there. Cheers Jamie
  4. I would suggest though that using a Bhatinov mask, focusing as best you can. Then view the image and zoom in as far as you can. This will allow you to 'tweak' the focus to get the correct Bhatinov pattern. I never use a computer with DSLR just the mask. HTH Cheers Jamie
  5. Fab image. Not sure about the 3rd bottom right? There is a cold pixel just to the right of the red frame that moves exactly same as the unidentified object? Camera artefact perhaps? Cheers Jamie
  6. What about motor upgrade for the 3-2? Decent Laser collimator? Def a good quality eyepiece Wide angle if you like the sketching side? Cheers Jamie
  7. Just thought I would share what I have been doing today. I work for a school teaching Deaf children from 4 to 24yrs and each year we hold a 'Science Day'. This year I ran hour long sessions on Astronomy which I think went really well. All the kids loved it from looking at images of the Solar system and recreating the SS with various size balls spread out across the field. We made rockets from vinegar and Bicarb, created craters on the moon (flour hit with plastercine meteors) and managed to have a look through a couple of scopes. All in all a fab day. Roll on next year Cheers Jamie
  8. 1x Dob, 1x MAK, 1x Newt, 2 Frac's Now I wan't a...........
  9. Hi I built one for the ST80 using the resistor method and popped the ring of resistors under the dew shield with a 2.1mm power jack coming out of shield. Powered using an old 12V power supply (for a radio i think) Works a treat and cost practically nothing. Cheers Jamie
  10. Beautiful image tom. Congrats Cheers Jamie
  11. JKB

    Latest M51

    Thanks for the comments. Yes I agree with colour now I have looked at it some more. Heres the tweaked version. Hopefully a bit better? Thanks Jamie
  12. I first did M51 about 2yrs ago but thought I would go back and image again now my knowledge and kit have improved. 30x5min subs plus dark,flats and bias. EOS30D and 150P guided. Stacked in DSS and finished in PS5.5 Comments always welcome Cheers Jamie
  13. Hi I use the 150P for all my AP work. Nice scope and quite light. And as for the 200P being superior? Thats a personal thing. HTH? Jamie
  14. Have a look at Morgan Computers here http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk I use a nice little HP laptop I got from them for just over the £100 mark. Great little thing, easy to move and works a treat. HTH Cheers Jamie
  15. Hi I always use white lithium Grease. Regreased the HEQ5 with it without problems. Can be purchased in a squirty can which is what I use. Hope that helps? Cheers Jamie
  16. Well this looks very similar to my first M42 after modding the 30D I reset the white balance (google how to do it) then retried. Next image was a lot better. After putting through DSS I aligned the three curves R G and B so they were on top of each other and put the Saturation up to about 20%. Then saved with adjustments. Quick tweak with PS and done. Yes the core is over exposed but you know that as others have said but still a good image so well done. This is what I got from the instructions just given with a modded EOS 30D through 150P. 20x3min exposures plus around 30x90s and 30x15s (plus a few darks and bias) I used the blending technique here http://www.astropix....GIT/LAYMASK.HTM to combine the core with the rest. Hope that helps? Cheers Jamie
  17. Just to help. I used to get 90-120s exposures on the EQ3-2 with dual motors and was fine for (less serious) imaging. But was more than happy with the results. I am also more than happy to have a look at the circuit if need be. Cheers and hope you get it fixed. Jamie
  18. Hi I guess it does sometimes... I have spent ages 'polar aligning' to find it impossible to find in the polar scope! I find using a compass to ensure you are as close to North helps and then keep both eyes open as you align helps. I'm not sure about putting a diagonal in but I know a few who have put a webcam on the polar scope to aid alignment. Otherwise wet knees I guess. Cheers Jamie
  19. As Roger said although.... Attach the weights before the scope. I got caught out once... Put scope on without weights and it promptly span round and hit me in the head! But as said take it slow and get used to it. It will save a long time when it's dark and cold! Enjoy Jamie
  20. I bought a 6x12 shed from 'Sheds Direct" for £300 and modded the roof for around £200 Good luck though Cheers Jamie
  21. Yes I guess I was a little flippant. But this has to be the one good thing to do with this lovely mount. Take your time and read Astrobabys write up and you can't really go wrong. I was amazed at the amount of gloop in the bearings/surfaces within and well worth the few hours, especially with the amount of cloudy ones we have! The HEQ5 is now half as noisy and tracking much better Thanks AB Jamie
  22. JKB


    Sorry MODs please move this to the other lounge, not the right place for this thread. Thanks Jamie
  23. JKB


    Just wondering if anyone else has been studying the EDx courses? I have completed a couple and now signed up to the Electricity and Magnetism course by Prof Walter Lewin. Best bit is they are free!! Check them out here https://www.edx.org Cheers Jamie
  24. Well after all the months of cloud I decided to strip, clean and tighten up the HEQ5. I followed Astrobaby's wonderful walkthrough http://www.astro-baby.com/heq5-rebuild/heq5-m1.htm and am now in possession of the smoothest quietest HEQ5 you can imagine! (well apart from AB's) Just want to say that it really was a straightforward job, easy to do and well worth it. Don't be scared to do it. If you can use a screwdriver and an allen key hurry up and do it!! Thanks Astrobaby and clear skies to all Cheers Jamie
  25. Hi I agree. Seems tube is mounted 180 deg out? Jamie
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