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  1. Well as the norm over the last few nights, clear skies predicted but strangely cloudy.

    Went out around 10.30, opened obsy and set up. Quick align and focus. Was going for IC1396A when lo-and-behold the clouds started to roll in from the West.

    So quick look around and there was only one patch of sky still clear so I went for M27. Took one 1min exposure to check framing and focus: quick adjustment and ready.........Nothing but cloud!

    Surprising though as here is that 1 min exposure and I couldn't believe the detail that came out. No flats, bias, dark or guiding or anything to be honest. Must come back and do this target properly (including better framing!)

    ISO800, 1min sub, EOS 30D, SW150P




  2. I guess I know what you mean....

    I live in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere but that to me is a little scarier than living near people. All sorts of strange noises in the countryside!

    I generally plug my iPod into my ears and listen to a bit of Einaudi and enjoy the sky.

    Hope the cloud clears........Ive just packed up because of it! Grr


  3. Jamie - I don't mind at all, I like what you have done with it. I've had another go and reduced the red in my original image. It looks much better now.

    Russe - thanks for the tip. I don't use PS as I'm put off by the price and never found Elements 7 to be particularly user friendly. I know lots of people use PS - is it worth the cost?


    Well worth the cost tbh. Lots of Astro plugins available too. Perhaps get hold of a 2nd hand copy of CS3 upwards?


  4. Couple of nights ago was looking at the Moon and realised it was well placed to take a snap from inside my church. I say my church, its not actually mine but its about 10ft from the house and beautiful. (Also has the 12 signs of the Zodiac tiled behind the altar! Apparently a bad thing).

    Took loads of images as really hard to compensate for the bright night sky and dark interior.

    EOS 30D with Zeiss 50mm Manual lens. f11 @ 1/60sec




    (ps Mods please feel free to move if you think in wrong section)

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  5. Hi

    I understand your concerns, but fear not. I found that after using goto functions I learnt my way around the night sky better and looked at things I would not normally think of.

    However before jumping into the SynScan route have you considered the EQDIR/EQMOD method? You can buy a pre made adaptor that plugs into the mount (in place of the handset) and into your laptop, or make your own for a few pounds (I made mine for around £4)

    The mount can then be controlled via CdC or Stellarium and also has a really useful polar alignment system.

    Just a thought



  6. Hi Cliff

    Well I now have all the bits and pieces together after reading this great thread. This afternoon I will set it all up and see what happens. Quick question or two please though.

    Yes leave it on USB selected on sdrsharpe and tune to around Center 143.049.890 and allways 1khz below so for Frequency 143.048.890

    make sure you have set the ppm off set which can be done by tuning into your local volmet repeater station or tune to local radio station and set ppm from that.

    I understand the basics of tuning to graves etc but really don't understand the PPM bit and where do I find frequencies for Volmet? What is PPM and why set an offset?



  7. Also the one that isn't removable is to allow the removable one to be kept safe. Not sure that made sense. Take off one and put it on the other :rolleyes:

    As for reducing Resolution: A smaller aperture decreases the Angular Resolution but increases the Depth of Field. This in turn can make images appear sharper. I generally use my scope (reflector) with a slightly smaller open end than the mirror. Home made ring that is placed at the tube opening to reduce aperture by 15mm.

    As said certainly with poor seeing conditions smaller can make a big difference. The only time I have ever used the small cap hole is during solar viewing (ALWAYS WITH A SOLAR FILTER!) just because I am a little scared :shocked:




  8. What a clear night it was. Although very tired I had a quick go at the Pelican

    30mins of 3mins subs no flats/darks so a bit noisy. Quite happy with initial result and one I shall return to




  9. Hi

    I bought the following USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX from Ebay for £1 each (Bought 3 just in case) but had to pop a little circuit in to get the correct voltages.

    RX to TX on mount and TX to RX via 2 resistors and a 2N2222. Would not work without it?


    Hope that helps



    PS thats run through 5M of USB to the mount

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