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  1. Hi George Well I have just come in (7am) from my first viewing of Saturn with my new scope. Fantastic views with Rhea, Tethys and of course Titan all visible. Not quite able to resolve Enceladus or Mimas. This is all with a 6" Newt and 10mm ep. You should get great views I hope. Cheers
  2. Hi Steve I have been having a good look at M42 over this last weekend. Detail is very good even on high mag (10mm with Barlow). I couldn't see much in the way of colour though. Image looked as if it should be coloured but turned B+W. I have the SW 150p so you might get better results with your setup. I did take a photo (just camera on tripod, zoomed in) and did see a little red glow. Cheers and I hope it clears up soon
  3. Very happy tonight. Got my first sight of M1 Crab. Very pleased indeed. M42 was as always a pleasure to view but then the clouds came! Still will try again tomorrow. Just need to look at the photography malarky now!
  4. Well having just started this I was amazed to get my 'First Light' the day after new scope arrived and had 2 more clear nights since (long may it continue) Last night I set up early to have a quick look at Jupiter and as I was watching an object flew past (right to left, just below Jupiter, pretty fast)! Didn't half make me jump too! Saw the same thing about half an hour later. Would this have been a satallite? Anyone else seen similar? Cheers
  5. Thanks. Thats what I thought. Locked away safe in a cool garage, tube down Cheers
  6. Hi all a SLG Silly Noob question. I have been out tonight and scope has been subjected to -3 so has plenty of frost on it. Is it safe to store in the garage or should I bring it indoors? What is the best way to store scope and mount? Cheers JKB PS Great views tonight too!
  7. Hi, I'm just up the road in Devon, Good luck just come in as too much cloud Grr Hope its better your way
  8. Welcome. I too am new and last night spent it with my 150p, brilliant scope. Fantastic it was too. Just hope for more clear skies. Cheers
  9. Thanks for all the welcomes. Fingers crossed for tonight
  10. Hi to all at SGL. Well after lots of research (inc. this brilliant forum) I took the plunge. Ordered a SW Explorer 150p on Tuesday, arrived yesterday (Thursday) and I used it tonight! All I can say is absolutely brilliant! 2hrs of clear sky and fantastic viewing. (OK I know I was lucky) Jupiter and 4 moons! Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. I cant wait till tomorrow, although cloud is forecast. A very happy man!
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