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  1. Well after buying my first decent scope (10'' Skywatcher Dobsonian) Next on my list (upcoming birthday present) is a Televue 2x Barlow lens to go with my webcam. Later on in the year or the next one I will look at getting a Explorer 150P with motor so I can do some decent astrophotography. I wish this cloud would go away so I can go outside and stop looking at things to buy
  2. Looking at the 5 day weather forecast for my area, it's not looking good. Got some spare time because its half term and might not get a chance to use my scope. Astronomy can be a cruel hobby, especially for us in the UK at the moment
  3. It was indeed. Doesn't seem that long ago but apparently it was 1994. Unfortunately I didn't have a powerful enough scope to see the event for myself.
  4. Most amazing things I seen through my scope is: Seeing detail on Jupiter for the first time. Seeing my first 2 galaxies ever: M81 and M82 Both breathtakingly beautiful.
  5. If you had the choice between: Skywatcher Evostar 102 (EQ3-2) Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 Which one would you get to do astrophotography of DSO? (galaxies and nebulas) I have seen some threads saying that refractors are better than reflectors for taking pictures of DSO. Why is this? I like the idea of the Evostar because it will be more portable than the Explorer. I already have a eq mount with a single axis motor (an old Seden Big Boss, the telescope itself is very poor) I could just get the OTA and save a bit of money or would you recommend getting the EQ3-2 mount for it. I'm itching to get more into astrophotography but because I've recently bought a skywatcher dobsonian that is going to be keeping me busy for a while and I'm very pleased with it so far but I will need something to do tracking of the night sky. Plus having something small and portable like the Evostar is tempting for holidays and places with dark skies. Would appreciate any help or advice Thank you
  6. Well done Myles. I'm impressed with how much detail you got from 90mm telescope. Looking forward to seeing more.
  7. Thanks for this guide. It works great! It is going to help in finding things in the night sky. Never thought of customizing Stellarium before I saw this guide.
  8. It's just like some artist has done brush stroke over the planet. Amazing!
  9. Thanks again for your comments. I'm really enjoying getting back into astronomy. And with now a decent Skywatcher telescope I can't believe how much of a difference the optics make over Tasco and Seden which I have had in the past. The skies are the limits I'm really pleased with how my latest pictures of the moon have come out. Getting sharper every session. Check out link below http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar/130242-moon-14-02-2011-a.html
  10. Moon taken on my Pentax K20D. Composed of 6 images stacked with Registax 5.1 Telescope: Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian.
  11. Ok I might leave it a while then when I have a larger budget. There is a lot do with visual astronomy and taking photos of the moon that will keep me busy for a good while I'm sure. DSO is something to aim for in the future. Thanks
  12. I have a dobsonian telescope but I am thinking about getting more into doing DSO imaging. I have been reading up on the forums here and understand that in order to start doing DSO photos I need to do long exposures. This means that the dobsonian would not be suitable because i need something that does tracking. My budget is very tight at the moment. I have seen that refractors are suppose to be really good for DSO. What I have found so far is a reflector Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ-MD going for £85. It has a motor. Would this be a good place to start and would it do the job of photographying DSO's at a basic level. Thanks
  13. My photo of the moon on 12th Feb 2011 (at 65%)
  14. Brilliant detail in the zoomed 2nd image. Well done!
  15. Very nicely detailed. I also took similar shot same night on my Pentax K20D using SW Dob. 10''
  16. A high ISO is not really need for the moon. The important thing I think is the amount of light. Because it's a 10'' mirror theres alot of light. The more light you collect the shorter your shutter speed, and therefore less movement and sharper picture ;-) I took another photo of the moon last night for my Lunar 100 project. I'm also going to try and build up a collection of phases and combine them into a video.
  17. I think it was just set to auto WB. Good to hear from another fellow Pentaxian. K20D is an awesome camera! Thanks all for your kind comments
  18. Sure, I use a Pentax K20D DSLR. This is connected directly into the telescope in place of the eyepiece using a T adapter with Pentax mount. The settings for the camera were 1/125 sec shutter speed. ISO set to 200. I set the camera to 2 sec timer so that it removes camera shake and locks the DSLR mirror up. The settings are trail and error really because with different phases of the moon your going to be using different setting because of the change in light.
  19. My first photo of the moon with my 10'' Dob. SW. Using my DSLR camera. Very pleased with how sharp it's turned out. I managed to tick off a few numbers tonight in my Lunar 100 project.
  20. After a long week of bad weather I have managed to get outside again and have another attempt at Jupiter. Getting better everytime Definitely bitten by the bug.
  21. Link can be found here in this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-lunar-solar/114080-useful-lunar-100-list.html#post1646533
  22. I'm fairly new to barlow lens. I got a 2x barlows lens with the kit that came with my first telescope but never got a clear picture out of it. I am considering buying a barlow lens. I have a Skywatcher Skyliner-250PX and was considering getting the Skywatcher 2x barlow lens because it is the same make and it is a reasonable price. The other barlow lens that I have seen review here on this forum and sounds good is the TeleVue 2x barlow My question is: is there any large difference between these two barlows. Would I be wasting my time with the Skywatcher barlow? I am mainly going to be using the barlow with my Philips webcam to take shots of Jupiter (while its still around) and later on Saturn. Thanks
  23. Great shot of Venus. You got the phase of Venus which I have never seen through a scope yet. I'm not really a morning's person.
  24. What a cool idea. I have observed the moon many times through a telescope but never thought of doing a project like this. I'm going to have a go this year and see how far I get. Maybe find a flickr group to share
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