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  1. Amazing detail! You done well with a webcam. You commented on my post saying that my image puts yours to shame but I very much beg to differ. In the last photo you have got some great detail on right hand side. Look forward to seeing more
  2. Me and my family managed to see it tonight. So we seen it docking and undocking It was great seeing the two following along the night sky. Can't wait for STS-134
  3. I'm new to NASA TV too and find it addictive. Watched the shuttle docking inbetween running outside and getting a photo of it as it went overhead and watching the spacewalks as well. (They just finished second spacewalk now) Way better than Big Brother!
  4. I recently purchased a 250px dob. too, upgrading from a 4'' with EQ mount. I have always found EQ mount hard to work. I couldn't believe how easy the dob. was first time I used it. Other day managed to take a photo of ISS and discovery and basically looked through the finderscope all the time, remote shutter release in one hand and tracked the ISS by hand. Could never have done it with a EQ mount
  5. Great works Spacepainter! Welcome to SGL
  6. Hi Robert welcome to SGL
  7. I saw it on Saturday 18:38 and with naked eye is was a single point of light. Through the finderscope it appeared as 2 points of light. And I actually managed to get this photo which I posted here, which I'm very pleased with. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/131882-photo-iss-discovery.html
  8. Thanks for the link. This looks much better than the pdf book I printed off. I highlight a few of the 100's that were suppose to be viewable when I was taking pictures so I could understand what I was actually seeing while at the scope. But at some point I was going to go through the pictures and work out where they are. The photos in this link will help greatly.
  9. It was 18:38. Thank you all for you comments. I was really lucky with the weather and getting this shot. So pleased with it.
  10. Ok. This is my first time trying to photograph the ISS. Been planning it for a couple of days because of the special event of Discovery's last visit. I used 10'' Newtonian Skywatcher with Pentax K20D connected directly to telescope. Used ISO 400, 1/125 sec. I am just over the moon with how this has come out! The only editing I have done is reduce exposure highlights because I didn't really have an idea of what exposure would be right. The shuttle was really this close to ISS. Amazing and something we will never see again.
  11. Just looked at the viewing details for ISS and should be going over the UK at 18:35 - 18:40 on Saturday (just half hour before docking) So might see ISS and a small dot following it in the sky That will be something!
  12. Can I borrow it please after you cleared your skies
  13. I managed to observe Orion for a little while before cloud came over. Things are looking up. Hopefully clear up again later this evening.
  14. Just popped out the back door quickly. I just saw 1 star! ... looked briefly down as someone's security light had just gone off and by the time I looked up it was gone. Swallowed up by the evil clouds
  15. Welcome to SGL! The night sky is way better than looking at trees. Hope you get to use your new scope soon for first light. Enjoy
  16. Hi Rob and welcome to SGL! Hope you find this site as helpful as I have in the short time that I have been here. Regarding eyepieces. I bought a Skywatcher SP Plossl 6.3 here a while back and they seem ok for the cheap price. Not quite the 5mm your looking for. As you get smaller mm eyepieces and more magification you may find it more uncomfortable to look through them because of the smaller eye relief. If you wear glasses this could also be more of a problem. Have you considered getting a 2x barlow lens? This basically fits in-between the eyepiece and the telescope and doubles the magnification of your eyepieces. So your 10mm will become a 5mm but still have the eye relief of a 10mm. Only draw back with 2x barlows are that they cut down light. I'm on the look out at the moment for a good 2x barlow myself and I have been told that TAL 2x barlow are good if your on a tight budget or the best ones are Televue which are quite expensive but get better results (the one I may be going with soon) It will be good to hear from other more experience member here, but hopefully what I have said with my limited knowledge will help you.
  17. Amazing video to watch. Thank you for sharing
  18. Well said and I agree with you. At the end of the day it is a hobby for alot of us and a chance to escape life for a brief while. But it is also understandably frustrating when people (i include myself) pour money into this hobby to buy a telescope to enjoy the night sky more, only to be faced with cloud at the times we are free. We are at the mercy of mother nature and there's nothing we can do about it. It's just sod's law. But we got to remember that when we do get those moment where we see that breathtaking view of a galaxy, nebula or planet that it was worth waiting for. Stargazing can be a cruel hobby but so rewarding too.
  19. Great photo. First one is very sharp. Well done
  20. Very nice. Great surface detail and you got the divide in the rings. I'm looking forward to grabbing a shot of Saturn myself. Got something to aim for.
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