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  1. Hi, just bought the 9mm super plossl from scopes n skies and very pleased with it after my first viewing through it. I decided to get this as an upgrade to the MA Skywatcher 10mm. Even though it was not the best viewing conditions tonight, slightly cloudy I could see a good improvement in detail when looking at Juipter. It's now my favourite eyepiece. Recommend to anyone who is still using their SW 10mm :)

  2. After what started out as a cloudy start to the evening. I was very pleased with the results of imaging Jupiter.

    I recently purchased a laser collimator, after collimation it made such an improvement to the viewing quality and therefore the imaging.

    Used a DSLR camera through Skyline 250PX and made up of up 4 stacked images

    My next attempt is going to be using the webcam more to get better shots but still very please with tonights result.


    Jupiter by .digitalight, on Flickr

  3. Been preparing for a good night of observing Jupiter tonight. Recently got a laser collimator and played around collimating my scope as precise as possible during the day. First time collimating my scope with a laser. :)

    BBC Weather report looks good for tonight. Getting setup now and guess what comes floating across the sky big as anything?

    Oh the life of a UK amateur astronomer :(

  4. Quick question,

    What's the best way or easiest way of inserting photos from Flickr into posts on SGL?

    In the past I have grabbed the flickr jpg URL of the medium (640px) version gone to Insert Image pasted in the URL then highlight the picture and created a hyperlink to go to the photo page on Flickr.

    I've noticed quite a few posts where people have used flickr photos and have it says "from Flickr" along with the title of the photo in a consistent way. Am I missing something?

    Do I have to use BBCode? If so which one?


  5. It's been a while since I done any astrophotography. Decided to take a picture of full moon through my 10'' Dobsonian via DSLR. There was alot of cloud and just waited out until a small gap in the cloud.

    The weather has been pretty bad for long time now which is probably why I havn't done much astronomy this year.

    Enjoy :)


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  6. Hope you don't mind but I was just doing some deeper comparisons and noticed during the 2 hours between our images that two small craters appear inside large one. Really cool to think that the moon phase is changing that fast. :o


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