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  1. Hi Axe and welcome to SGL from someone even further North You'll find great information and very helpful members here. Brian
  2. BrianH

    Hi From S Oxon.

    Hi and welcome to the Lounge
  3. Hi and welcome to SGL Flateckers You're going to find lots of information and very helpful people on the forum.
  4. Very useful, thanks Mark .. also bookmarked on my iPhone.
  5. Hi Space painter, welcome to SGL. Your paintings are wonderful, you have a real talent. I believe I may have seen some of your works on You Tube .. simply amazing seeing such stunning artworks being created.
  6. I can always hope that Scotland decides not to go that route
  7. My last time viewing was over a week ago, been heavy clouds since then. Metcheck forecast says clear skies up here next Saturday and Sunday.
  8. Like others, I've been listening to Sir Patrick for a number of years and don't find it difficult to follow him. I'm also used to listening to people with from various areas with various 'speedy' accents without difficulty .. as mentioned, it's simply being able to tune in to the rhythms of speech, it comes with practice
  9. Thanks for this, printed them off for a friend's kids and they're enjoying them.
  10. Hopefully the police will be closing the motorway while this magnificent equipment is being transported.
  11. Maybe this link from one of the SPC880 threads? Philips SPC900NC Webcam for Astrophotography
  12. I'd be out of here like a shot
  13. Really nice images, well done, inspiring to see what can be done.
  14. Another vote for Stellarium, really good. For Solar System though, the other links given by Fija and Bizbuilder look interesting
  15. Just watched this webcast .. thanks for the link, good science and and interesting lecture.
  16. astrobaby's guide to collimation Astro Babys Guide to Collimation
  17. Having only been on the forum for a week or so I'd like to express my apprecaiation for those running it and the members who are helpful and willing to give advice. It's all appreciated.
  18. Excellent article, and loved the rest of the site one level up from the article page.
  19. I have Pocket Universe (£1.79) which is good, sometimes has issues with tracking but doing a figure eight movement generally gets it working ok. I also have StarMap Pro (£11.49) which is very good and as paulbeer says is very easy to use.
  20. Good news for astronomers, I'd be surprised if simillar schemes don't occur to councillors throughout the UK, between budget constraints and carbon emmission targets this is something they will have to give consideration to.
  21. I thought I'd say thanks to FLO, bought Revelation 15x70 Binos, Fixing Bracket and Tripod and some other items. All delivered next day and excellent communication as to Order status and updates. I'll certainly be back, very impressed with the service and I'd highly recommend them.
  22. I may be wrong, but I think that colder temperatures may mean less turbulence in the atmosphere which gives better seeing conditions. I'm sure some of the experts will confirm or refute this.
  23. Thanks for those links Enrico, have had a look and bookmarked for future reference Have bought S&N and Astronomy Now, I like both and the centre pull out of highlights for each month are great even when using Binos. Some of the more technical articles even begin to make sense after reading a few times and searching on topics here at SGL.
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