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  1. Rest in Peace Sir Patrick, you inspired so many and achieved so much
  2. Sounds GREAT Isabelle, enjoy the trip
  3. BrianH


    Hi shortsdx2, and welcome to SGL
  4. Hi and welcome to the Lounge
  5. BrianH

    hi guys

    Hi Tubby and welcome to SGL
  6. Hi Lorne, and welcome to SGL
  7. BrianH


    Hi Stu, and welcome to SGL
  8. Hi Brainstorm and welcome to SGL
  9. Hi and welcome to SGL
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL Carpe Noctum Nice observatory you have there
  11. Hi matt and welcome to SGL Hope you get Clear Skies and enjoy your new scope
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL Dave
  13. Add me to the list of those who Liked it! I was also surprised, as others were, that it started with what is the last chapter in the accompanying book. However, I enjoyed it and I'm still looking forward to the other episodes and also S @ N later (after 30 minutes of something really boring on BBC Scotland .. political blah blah blah )
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