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  1. Yo shouldn't have to do that. If they are not holding focus, you ought to return them.

    The night sky is a much more severe test of binoculars than is daylight. A possible cause of eye-pain is poor collimation; your eyes can compensate for some miscollimation, but it tires them to do so.

    I think you've answered your questions yourself. You didn't enjoy them; you preferred your 10x50...

    I have a binocular evaluation page here. You might find it useful either to check out the one you have, or to help choose another. In particular, try the tests for vertical and lateral displacement -- they may reveal the source of your eye pain.

    Thanks I'll try this out this week !

  2. Thanks wendy - I think I'll persevere for a while but I think I'll buy some more 10 x 50 - they just seem more fun !

    Hobbes its the tripod is a Hama star 61 - it was only 12 quid from Amazon so I cant cmplain too much but I am suprised just how unstable they are

  3. Hi,

    I've been waiting for my new 15 x 70 bins for over a month due to courier problems which I wont bore you with nowl. Anyway last night was pretty clear so I got them out for the first time. TBH a bit of a mixed reation.

    One the plus side I saw saturns rings and some stars in Bootes which I would nt have seen with 10 x 50 bins,

    One the negative side the tripod I have just isnt good enough to hold the bins properly and everything shakes,even when I use it sitting down as a monpad. In fact if I'm honest I spent 5 minutes looking at Arcturus thinking it was Saturn and convining myself that I could see rings , when in fact it was only blurred vision caused by shaking.

    In addition I felt that I have to spend a lot of time focusing so when I looked at a star field I have to keep changing the focus to see everything which I found frustrating compared to using 10 x 50 which I didnt have to adjust half as much.

    More importantly than that I have a very slight but noticable pain in my eyes even thoough I adjusted them and used them perfectly wel lin daylight.

    Really in 2 minds whether to return then ( bearing in mind the problems I;ve had before with the shop and the fact that there is nothing wrong with the bins ) , or to persevere with then and hope that this is a learning curve,

    What does everyone else think ?

  4. I personally think it was good (just watched it now), all I can say is, have you guys forgotten just how **** television is, I mean, come on, just before this was Top Gear with a bunch of monkeys who cant drive, think they are above their stations! Also wasn't that wonderful programme on ITV on just before Mr Cox, erm.... oh thats it, Dancing on Ice !!! Brian Cox any time of the day for me chaps!!!

    Actually thats a fair point but you also forgot to mention the excellent Naill Ferguson documentary on Channel 4 just before it !!:)

  5. But there were far too many shots of BC standing manfully in a variety dramatic landscapes! Something for the ladies I guess, apparently he's highly regarded.

    Thats the problem I have with it I think the BBC are trying to make him into a poster boy - he is on the cover of Radio Times as well. I also felt that it was a bit light on content and the only thing I really remember about it is the entropy analogy

  6. Also the 10mm lens that came with mine appears to be badly scratched, I also noticed a small dent in the side (although this doesn't seem to affect performance, but wasn't pointed out at the time of sale).

    As others have said it doesnt look like you have been ripped off but what I'd like to know is. Did you inspect it before you bought it and if so did you not point out these faults before you parted with the money. Might be something to think about in future :)

  7. Yeah same here - the collimation as terrible after I had focused and aligned then properly.I spent less than 5 minuted looking at sirrus and I had a terrible headache. Also when I used them in daylight the image looked very 2 D . I suppose you shouldnt expect too much from a cheap pair of binos but I 've borrowed gone a pair of Celestron 10 x 50 's and they give me some great views

  8. One thing that I would add is with the revalations you will need a sturdy tripod they can be very uncomfortable without one.

    Purely out of curiosity is there a discount being offerd on these at the moment or is the discount code for something else ? If you dont want to answer that no problem I'm just being nosey !:)

  9. To the OP do you mind me asking if you used binos before you got your scope.The only reason I'm asking is that from my little understanding scopes are a bit of a faff to set up in themselves and if you havent gotten comfortable with the location of things before then its going to be doubley hard. Thats my understanding anyway . Also is the problem of dew commoon to all scopes ?

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