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  1. Hi all, Doesn't life get in the way?! I haven't been out for many months and starting to feel rusty. Will be out this Spring, so will pop back here for messages etc.
  2. Like you Ben, I spent a great morning with 160 kids at school yesterday, parents too - dropping kids off - stayed and used glasses and pinhole projectors.
  3. Oops - wrong keystrokes........ I was saying that I got the info on Comet Lovejoy from...umm... was it episode 2 of the show? Tim
  4. Yep, I have been a bit busy and so only managed to watch episode 2 which I thought was wonderful with the information and data. It just shows what little I know or have forgotten! Was gonna catch up with episode 3 this evening but spent the time I had looking at Comet Lovejoy - I got th
  5. Are those shadows a result of the leaves giving a pinhole effect frugal? We were lucky to have clear skies here in Plymouth, with a hint of high level wispy cloud that did not impact on the view. Wonderful.
  6. I think that it is a possible scattering of light in a halo-effect owing to the cloud and water vapour.
  7. The show tonight was very good and in fact this morning's Eclipse Live on catch-up was also worth watching after the event.
  8. Oh, that's rather lovely. For us visual people. Will check those links too.
  9. Have just watched Rosetta BBC4. 'Twas not news to me but very nicely and excitedly delivered and explained by Chris and particularly, as is usual, by Maggie. Thanks to OP for heads-up as I have been busy with work lately and would have missed it. T
  10. Thanks for heads-up on the BBC4 show. I was struggling to think what to do this eve and so popped here for a shufty and shall now head over to iplayer - hope its still available, as I tried my best to keep up with live events online at the ESA site. Tim
  11. Well, to add my little bit of input, I have a 32mm GSO WF, which I love. A Celestron LX 12mm and 18mm with a 2x Barlow. I am very happy with these.
  12. sorry i missed this as i was in dunster area, end of august. tim
  13. Still no take up on a Dartmoor get-together? It would be interesting and fun! T
  14. Well, I'm glad I spotted the new neighbour setting up last night, as tonight, here in Plymouth, it is bucketing down, probably on its way to you Steve! I was very happy with my Skymax 127 last night; it just proved to me that seeing makes a huge difference to the 'scope's performance. I see you are using a serious looking set up. I'm just checking it out on FLO! Tim
  15. It is something to reflect upon isn't it - a night sky like last night! I haven't seen the surface of the moon so stable and detailed as I did last night. I was peering out of an upstairs window and a spotted a startgazing-neighbour setting up a telescope - an Evostar - (he is a new neighbour) just after dusk. That was all I needed! So I set up myself - and we talked across the fences - and stumbled upon one of those mild and rare evenings and skies. Fantastic. Saturn just floating, as crisp as you like, in the inky blackness.
  16. A nice report - especially good and inspiring for us relative new/inexperienced gazers. I tend to look at the planets and moon and use the good old Mak 127 for these. I venture into deep space with my large binos but would like to ask whether or not my Skymax 127 would pick up and 'present' objects such as M51 and M57 nicely in the mak? I have some good eyepieces and a telrad. This leads me to the question: am I missing out on not owning the famed 8" Dob such as the Skyliner; will it compliment my mak 127 or is it considered an upgrade? Tim
  17. A cracking, clear, still night here too, in Plymouth - for an hour after dark. Then the rain came - inevitably and eventually
  18. I have to agree that last night proved excellent seeing here in Plymouth, Devon. There was a window here of about an hour before the evening clouds drifted into to obscure ISS. Moon for a chunk of the time and popped over to Saturn to catch a 10 minute glimpse before time was called.
  19. I'd love a big refractor rabbit, but for me I think that I need to use what I have as I'm still trying to make the most of my skymax 127 and the mount and the EPs. I haven't yet got my money's worth or learned enough. However, I sometimes think that I'd like to sell the lot and go forone of the ubiquitous 8" dob or a larger refractor and keep it all simple. The trouble is I often wonder if I am getting the most out of my 127 as I don't have anything or anyone to compare it with. I am a visual stargazer. I would like a ED 100 or 120 and a faster APO such as the ST range for widefield. It will happen one day, I know it will Let know, if you're happy to, if you get this dob.
  20. I must say that the tube does look lovely with the wood. I shall have to google D&G to settle my curiosity! Out of interest, what model is the littler scope stood next to the monster? Tim
  21. Awwww, that's an anticlimax to a very interesting thread 'rabbit I'm only kidding. I am myself wondering if I'd like to go down the larger frac route. Still, try and keep us posted on your thoughts. T
  22. Doh! I obviously didn't take in your first paragraph John - no wonder you didn't come back to answer my daft question. Regards Numpty
  23. Hello John, I've just popped in from garden here in Plyouth myself, scope away in shed now. My last look was Jupiter with 3 moons . Now you sound like you know your way around the skies that more than I do. What 'scope are you using tonight? Tim
  24. Dear All, It's been a terrible if not typical few months for viewing, Things may be looking up - pun intended! - does anyone fancy a meet up to get aquainted and fumble around in the dark with our kit up on the moors or elsewhwere!? We may just all learn something new and have some skills and tips to share. Tim
  25. Well I am guessing that my Skymax 127 on an AZ4 isn't strictly grab and go - but it isn't too bad size-wise and cool down time. Mine must be the 80mm binos on a First Horizon tripod. You have all made me think about a true grab n go set up now! But what - small refractor, small short tube refractor, smaller Mak? Oh dear!
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