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  1. Think I'll keep them. I should give them a proper try out - see how they compare to the Celestron Omnis.
  2. I can't even remember if I used either of them, or not. I remember using the Barlow and that was good., but not the EP's. New scope has arrived anyway, so I might try them when I try the scope. Otherwise I'll just ebay them and keep the Barlow (probably not to use on the MAK, but maybe when I get a complimentary travel scope for wide field stuff).
  3. Do you use it? Is it worth keeping, I think I tried it before my garden was flooded with light, but wonder if they are worth keeping to use with my new grab and Go 90mm MAK?
  4. I was wondering as much, I think one of my current eyepieces is too much for it anyway, the 6mm will give 208x, which is above the recommended 180x max. hopefully the MAK will arrive this week, so I can play about and find the best combinations, it may be that some longer eyepieces with the Barlow work better than some of the shorter ones without.
  5. Thanks for that info. I do have a few other eye pieces, some Celestron Omni 32mm, 12mm and 9mm, so hopefully they will be a better option with the Barlow. I'm selling my Evostar, as it's just too big when we go away in the camper and I can't abserve from the back garden anymore, since developers build housing at the back, and put a street light right next to the fence! I'm going for a puely travel only set up if a sturdy tripod and a skywatcher Skymax 90, which I can hopefully fit in my Maplin flight casde with a selection of my better eyepieces. Am I right in thinking that the reason it is recomended for fast telescopes is purely down to quality, it will still work fine on a slow scope?
  6. Can't see anything exactly like mine, but this one looks like a still current version (almost the same except the lettering) http://www.telescopesandbinoculars.co.uk/acatalog/73674-Vixen-Barlow-Lens-Deluxe-2x-1712.html Looks like the specs are:- Weight: 140g (4.94oz) 31.7mm push-fit. 3-element lens design. Fully multi-coated. For telescopes with fast focal ratio. Not really sure if that makes it good, or what "fast focal ratio" means? I'll keep digging.
  7. The Symbol is just a V in a circle. I've tried to show it more clearly here. Thanks Nick
  8. It's been a long time since I posted on Stargazers lounge, I got some great advice when I was just starting. Anyway, I drifted away from Astronomy for a while, but I'm now drifting back, and I've been checking over my gear. I forgot about a Barlow and eyepieces I bought on ebay. The eyepieces' are 2 multicoated plossls, both silver coloured and non branded. They feel solid and all metal, rather than plastic. The Barlow looks like a Vixen 2x Deluxe, but the makings are different to ones I've seen on the web. It's made in Japan. Does anyone recognise these? I seem to remember the Barlow being an improvement on the Skywatcher Barlow I had, but I don't think I used the Eyepieces at all. I've tried to show the barlow writing clearly in the second photo. I guess my real question is...are these worth keeping? Thanks Nick
  9. I have the Evostar 90, and it is an excellent scope, if a little unwieldy. It's quite long. I like the look of that Orion, looks good for a camping scope! I wonder if it would be easy to adapt to fit a camera tripod for travel?
  10. Sounds like I got a bargain, I paid £41 for it including a couple of Vixen Plossls!
  11. I've managed to acquire a used vixen 2x deluxe Barlow, made in Japan. It's a silver colour and quite long, with red writing :Infact it looks just like this one :- Vixen Barlow Lens Deluxe 2x the price seems high, but I can't find any reviews or details about it. I decided to just take a punt as it was sitting on ebay looking a bit lonely! any details greatly appreciated.
  12. Go for it, it's easier with a brighter moon and the proper adapter for the camera helped a load. Good luck!
  13. I basically set the camera on Aperture priority and dialed -3 stops of exposure compensation. It was handy having a decent, real time, live view on the Panasonic GH1. The moon was very bright, I got burn in on my retina when viewing with 18m EP! Focus was just selecting a spot to zoom into using the live-view at 10x, and then really carefully trying to focus the scope. Wobble everywhere, so a motor focuser is next on my list! Oh, and I used a 10 sec shutter delay to allow the wobble to subside! I think the mood is a fascinating and relatively easy target to begin with.
  14. Hi Paul, Finally got onto my "proper" computer. The Barlow shots were iso 160 @ 1/30 sec. The non Barlow shots were iso 100 @ 1/125sec. So the Barlow looks to be stealing quite a bit of light!
  15. It seems that way, there was a bit of greenish CA, but I just applied the green filter in Lightroom and it turned out good.
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