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  1. Hi Does anyone have any suggestions from experience for a 2" diagonal and 2" eyepiece that match well to a 102mm Skywatcher/Celestron F5 Achromat Refractor (basically a Stratravel 102)? Looking for good widefield views but preferably medium magnifaction. (I already have a 32mm SWA 2"). Main target is clusters/brighter DSOs. Budget c £50 for diagonal and £80 for EP. Cheers CP
  2. Hi I have a Celecstron C90 Mak as a grab and go but am finding it a little dim (but great on planetary). I am considering swapping for a refractor (F5 vs F15 currently) as it is mostly clusters/dsos/widefield I wish to observe rather than planetary. Plan would be buy new refractor then sell C90. I m looking at Startravel 102 at £150 (only need OTA). Does anyone have any pointers/advice for a good quality refractor or any comments on the difference swapping C90 for a 102? Top end budget is £150 and only need OTA. I m going off the differences I see using a pair of 15x70 binoculars compared to
  3. Hi I m currently planning to invest in a new Atrotrac bud overall budget is an issue as I also need to fund lenses and PC for image manipulation. I have an AZ-3 tripod which I m currently using with a spotting scope. If I use this what other mounting pieces do I need? I m assuming this could substitute for both the tripod and geared head? Would this leave me just needing to purchase the Astrotrac, polar finder and a ball head? If so would prefer to use this money to go towards a small scope/autoguider setup. Experience or advice from any current users much appreciated. Regards CP
  4. Just seen it pass through a crystal clear sky in Nottingham. Zoomed over the top of Betelgeuse and then dove under Mars, exceptionally bright. Nice to have it back again. CP
  5. Hi Guys I screwed up and took a (albeit new and unused) microfibre cloth to the corrector on my C8 after one too many. The result is a horribly smeared mess. I have the Baader Wonderfluid and just wanted to double check that its compatible with any coatings on the corrector of a Nexstar 8SE before attacking it. Any words of warning or thumbs up? Cheers CP
  6. Hi Whats the best "low cost" imaging software for basic post capture manipulation. I m considering Adobe Elements 7 which I can get for about £60 but have seen comments that lack of layer and curves ability makes it very weak. Currently I m just using the google freebie Picasa to do basic crop and zoom but want something a little more capable. Max budget is £60. Cheers CP
  7. Hi I managed to grab these two images using a Canon 450D at prime focus in a C8 Nexstar 8SE. Taken from my very chilly back garden in Nottingham. Shots taken between breaks in the clouds and as it was the first session of the year half of the scope movement was by hand as I had an empty powertank. Single shots with no clean up. Any advice on how to improve much appreciated. I m really pleased with this straight wall/rupes recta image. Thebit has been likened to a diamond ring due to the crater/crater positioning. On the same theme you could say that rupes recta looks like a single rose wit
  8. Hi According to Starry Night on the next pass just before midnight it looks as though a satellite (ALOS-Daichi Mag 2.0) and the ISS pass very close to Arcturus at pretty much 23.51.00. Its going to be a little low and lost in the orange murk from where I am but could be an interesting capture . CP
  9. Hi Well almost, it managed to miss it at the last moment. Capture of tonights first pass, cracking clear skies for once :hello1: . (click to enlarge) Canon EOS 450D at 18mm, ISO 200 to allow for 30s exposure. Cheers CP
  10. Hi I managed to capture these "sundogs" over the garden in Nottingham this evening. Quite pleased with it as I d only read about them in the Sky At Night "50 things to see" article the day before. Managed to persuade my wife to provide sunblocking duties in one and you can see the clear colour grading from red on the inside. On the first you can see the two bright spots either side of the tripod which is obscuring the solar disc. There was some high wispy cloud around which is required to give this phenomena. Images were captured using a Canon EOS450D with a circular polarising filter, ISO100.
  11. Hi I have a Celestron C90 Mak mounted on an Az3. The scope itself its great but I m finding it really difficult to use for anything above 30 degrees as the finder is of the straight through variety and the AZ3 is such a low mount. Spend al my time on my knees trying to peer through the finder. I ve been searching for a small RACI or 90 degree finder with no luck so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. One issue is that the finder bracket on the C90 is moulded so looks to only take specific brackets. A small 8x21 that would fit the exisiting holder or a mod to the exisiting finder
  12. Hi I ve got a C8 which I ve had for 14 months and never collimated :? . When I look at the diffraction pattern on a defocused star it seems "ok" but possibly a little off center. As I can now point my DSLR down the C8 it occured to me, would a defocused image of a star give me a pattern that could be checked by someone with more experience than me i.e a helpful forum member if I posted the image. I m so cack handed :oops: I really don t want to start messing with it unless I really have to....... Cheers CP
  13. Hi Rawhead/Cloudwatcher Thanks for showing me what can be brought out of the image :shock: , I m barely starting to get to grips with some of the processing software. Fingers crossed its a fine night tonight (forecast seems ok) and I can try on a more full crescent without the Focal Reducer In line. Also want to try to catch the Saturn/Regulus conjunction as a regular widefield. The only downside of removing the reducer is that the image may be larger than a single frame cap and then I m going to have to learn mosaics!. I m going to leave the diagonal in line as the straight through position p
  14. Hi Ant Thanks for the speedy reply. Nice n straightforwards... should have looked harder :oops: :oops: . Cheers CP
  15. Hi This is the best of a series of images captured last night using an EOS450D and C8 on a Nexstar mount. Relatively happy but would have preferred a sharper focus, either that or need to work out how to stack multiple images in Photoshop. Used a 6.3 focal reducer and had the 45 degree diagonal in place. ISO800 for 1/30 sec. (click to enlarge) Cheers CP
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