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  1. Philip, Tony, Andrew, Geoff, Mike (delighted I reminded you of you and your girl's courtship!!), Proflight2000, Gary, Chris - you have been an enormous help and inspiration - I am SO grateful, thank you so much..... I was worried that my ignorance would annoy those of you so far ahead; I'm very aware of my inadequancies but you have been so kind, generous and considerate with your comments, I am most grateful. I shall put your great advice to work in a couple of weeks once back off holidays and will keep in touch..... Best wishes Maggie x
  2. Thank you so much everyone - I shall note and action all of your helpful comments and let you know the outcome!!
  3. Oh dear, you've lost me already with the words 'German Equitorial Mount'! I've set the telescope up but haven't been able to see anything out of the main eyepiece, just the finderscope thingy, so need to know how to align?? Then I want to know what to do when night time comes.... for example, how do I see Mars??
  4. Hello Philip and Tony Many thanks for your ultra-quick replies. Yes, Tony, that's the beast I have!! Philip, you made me laugh about the dust-cover, 'cos the first time I tried I DID leave it on!! I've since taken it off(!!) Now I need the basic layman's language steps to go the next step!!! Thanks for your nice comments guys x
  5. Hello everyone!! This seems like a friendly, informative board and I hope you clever bods can assist a very (very!) new learner!! I have acquired (been given actually) a Seben Navigator II (yes, I'm aware of the bad feedback this has been given - but I have it now!), apart from taking it out of the box, I have no idea how to set the darn thing up!! (I know you're cringing out there!). I've gotten as far as putting all the bits together, but can't see a blessed thing (or heavenly body come to that)! I really thought that I could just point it at the night sky and be overwhelmed at the visions to behold through the viewfinder! Suffice to say, underwhelmed doesn't come close! There are no instructions so I'm absolutely stuck! I am genuinely star struck and would dearly love to view the night sky and learn more about it, but it would appear I am a technophobe!! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and once again apologies for my ignorance!!
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