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  1. Forecast if alright for midday tomo should be a goodun'
  2. The meteor you saw had compounds of copper that were oxidized as it burned in our atmosphere
  3. Hi when you say 'standard' is that the lightweight version, not HD?
  4. Stuart it's this one I'm interested in using the handset from - SkyWatcher Mercury 707 SynScan AZ GOTO 70mm Refractor Telescope
  5. I have a question regarding the SynScan AZ Computerised Alt-Azimuth Heavy Duty (HD) Go-To Handset. Is the HD version ONLY compatible if I wanted to upgrade my SW AZ Auto (250) or would I be able to use the lightweight version? Thanks
  6. Can anyone advise me on which is the best zoom EP for under £90. I understand that the best are well over this price, but for someone who just wants a cheapo EP for holiday then any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum
  8. Hello Claire Welcome to SGL.
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