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  1. Help! While trying to get a webcam image of the moon, the magnification is too great, and i can only get a small portion of the moon in shot. I'm plugging a phillips 900 (?) webcan into the eyepiece hole on a celestron nexstar 6se. any tips? I'm using smartcap software to capture the images.
  2. Help! I have a 6" SCT which I use in my edge-of town back garden. Usually, I can only see the orion nebula. I'd like to see more nebulae, but am conscious of the seemingly high cost of filters. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a 6" SCT and use it on the edge of bristol. orion nebula is no problem at all, but can anyone recommend any other nebulae i might be able to spot? cheers:icon_scratch:
  4. idea; Stage Electrics in Bristol (or London) are a large stage-hire business who always used to have old flight cases needing repair. They might give you a quote for a new one too.
  5. how portable is the mount? i struggle with an eq5. any tips?
  6. does a dark energy user exist?
  7. i googled it and got some places that appeared to have stock
  8. ps, I find the google earth moon maps a bit hard to use
  9. I like the philip's moon map. Good for many things.
  10. I had the same problem when I first bought a skywatcher 200P newtonian. Swapped the finderscope for a red dot star pointer and never looked back. You can look at the sky, align your scope with both eyes open and after a small bit of practice, its quick too.
  11. Exmoor, near Paracombe, just south of Lynton. When its good, its mind blowing.
  12. Can anyone review either of these in 3 lines or less please?
  13. i heard that saving the packing from the original box and building a sturdier box around the outside was a cheap option. Or, a big plastic container from asda filled with those little white polystyrene popcorn type things could do for emergencies
  14. wayne, that could be the power holy grail i seek!
  15. i'll buy the one offered buy First Light Optics.
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