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  1. Note to self:

    a) Need to re-process to hopefully better match the background level in each panel

    b) Not too keen on the framing, but NGC2264 is very wide. Already my frames combined cover approx 2x3 degrees...

    c) Add another two panels at the top?

  2. Combination of different sets of data taken at slightly different angles led to the apparent vignetting at the corners. 

    Ideally the image should be cropped it but I really wanted to leave the galaxy NGC5474 in the frame (bottom-right).

  3. My first Saturn shot!!! Just caught it before it went into obscurity from my location.

    Could not get the SX capture software working to get data from the SuperStar planetcam, so reverted to using the EOS Capture program to grab the Live-View feed from my DSLR, then processed in Registax.

    My heavy handedness with the wavelets has left a fair bit of background noise unfortunately, but it was the best setting to bring out the planetary details.

  4. Still very much a work in progress, and a lot of the data may have to be thrown due too poor Polar Alignment and focus, causing bloated, elongated stars...

    For the week the nebula was rising around 25° above the horizon from my 50°N latitude, and only for a short time at that.

  5. One of my early attempts at M51. Have managed several better attempts since then...

    Orion 102mm F/7 Premium

    Canon EOS1d Mk3

    Ioptron Minitower Alt/Az mount

    Captured on-camera with D3 remote release sequence

    Aligned, stacked and Processed in DSS and Photoshop CS5.

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