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  1. Hi PhotoGav, I've been looking at the WO 71 Star and was wondering how you manage to attach the QSI683WSG?

    Was it mounted on to the M48 thread or did you use the 2" nosepiece / draw-tube on the scope?


    Good luck with the transit!!!


    1. PhotoGav


      Hi Zak, sorry, only just seen this message - you should direct message me for a swift reply! I attached the QSI to the M48 thread of the WO Star 71 via a slim adapter of some sort. I can't remember the exact details as it's been a while since I've used that scope, but I certainly didn't use a 2" nose piece. Good luck, Gav.

  2. May is my first chance for observing in 2014, lets see what the weather will do!

  3. I'm back in CZ for September... And so is the Rain !

  4. Looking forward to my next astro session in march!

    1. tingting44


      why so long? :(

    2. Mezolitik


      That's when the next clear sky is forecast ;)

    3. nephilim
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