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  1. Although not much actual astronomy has been done in here lately, I would like to mention that is nice and dry inside. This is with horizontal rain and lots of it. Jen
  2. I would have built mine about a foot wider. !.8m x 1.8m But it's not really a problem. The roof is easy to roll off and I love it. I am considering putting a more gardeny looking structure further up the garden to take advantage of the view but only time will tell. There seem to be more options becoming available off the shelf. Jen
  3. Gina are you going to replace the radiator ramp in the future? I would hate to see you slip up on it. Jen of the broken thumb
  4. Chris First Image taken in observatory with your camera. I didn't get long due to clouds but at least I got something. Jen
  5. Maybe they only open it for observing nights. There are rules, no smoking because it was a tip and they have methane vents there. Chris I was wondering how Dulux knew what they looked like. Jen
  6. Yeah Lee chose that one because it was called Martian Skies!! Like your obsy. All my soffits are open at the moment waiting to get some to fit. but there is plenty of ventilation at the moment. Have you ever been to the dark site near the bmx track? Its on Ford Rd near the farm and the duck pond. Jen
  7. It is an astro engineering Pier just got to wait for sparks to do leccy and I will be up and running.
  8. Done....apart from electric which is why the floor is still up. Welcome to Broken Thumb Observatory Jen
  9. Rubber gusset to stop horizontal rain coming in by the rollers. Shiplapped the roof ends, those support posts are now fixed if not painted yet due to rain and the door lock is half fitted.
  10. A bit optimistic on my part I feel. Nearly there, a few bits and pieces to do still. Jen
  11. Lol Tony It's not quite that smooth, and it is small but it will work nicely. Lets hope the weather holds today so I can get the walls on. Powertools and rain, not a good mix. Jen
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