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  1. Thanks everyone:) It's a shame we can't 'pre-book' our clear nights in advance:icon_eek: Looking forward to more photographic 'experiments'... Pete.....
  2. Thanks Keith... That's the one 'definite' item on my list now off my list:eek: List now comprises of 'zero' items (again) So far, marks out of ten??? How's it going?? Pete.
  3. Hi guys, THIS TIME.... well it's about scopes from 'teleskop service'... A huge range of APO triplets in the 80mm F6 range at what seem to be very good prices?? Thoughts and opinions please? I have searched for reviews on the forum but so far without success:( I have an eye on this model but would take advice TS 80/480mm F/6 Triplet APO - FPL-53 - Kein Farbfehler Also this as a second favourite but much more dosh... TS ED APO 100/600mm f/6 - 2,7' Linear Power Auszug I can't do anything with regards coaxing my wonderful wife until I know what I'm aiming for! I would be using the scope with th
  4. That's a super image of Orion... The star colours look spot on to me, just like I see them on a good clear night, whilst walking the dog and NOT watching where I'm going(fortunately in the fields and not on the road) Pete.
  5. Thanks Andrew... I think I've got to be a member for a month too! Still, the way I'm going round in circles it shouldn't make too much difference.... give me another 10 years and I might have actually bought something:icon_eek: I've never spent so much time reading reviews:eek: Actually, that's a lie....I have......often:o I tend to review things 'to the bone':D
  6. Thanks Andrew;) I have been told there's one possibly for sale on the forum but I'm not sure about it as I certainly want to do photography. However, at the right price I bet it would be a great scope for anyone's arsenal. I have a love of good optics and I can't help but lust after a precision instrument.... I think I would make a little bed for it with a little pillow....or is that a bit OTT:icon_eek: Pete:D
  7. Yes thanks John.... I got stuck in the what scope vortex for long enough:D Having managed to crawl out I don't want to be sucked back in again:eek: Pete:happy3:
  8. Thanks!! I shall give that plenty of scrutiny!! However, I feel that money is the limiting and largest factor (as usual) Pete.
  9. Thanks Keith;) I guess I was trying to say that the APO optics can be pushed relatively hard because of the optical quality and was not really comparing to scopes with huge focal lengths like the ones you mention. I certainly have my heart set on a refractor, I just wish it was a 120mm Takahishi!!! Pete.
  10. Sadly, as a new member I'm locked out of the for sale section for a month... It's a shame you can't bring 'references' from other forums that say I'm legit as I've been on some for years! Pete.
  11. The most I can squeeze is 25 secs with 'some' trailing... 20 secs seems to be acceptable and on the next trip out I shall run a series of ISO experiments too... It's great fun to see the results... I tried 13 secs and ISO 800 for the clarity, but you're right, I haven't found the 'optimum' clarity/light gathering settings yet... Thank you for the advice, Pete:)
  12. Thanks Jon:) I'm on the 'learning curve' now and as a keen 'tog' I intend to fully master the art of capturing the night sky. It feels good to be doing the 'Dark Side'....
  13. Aaaah, here we are question 1356.... and counting;) Very much had settled to go for the Equinox 80mm APO but then.... I noticed for similar money there are triplet 80mm APOs that I was unaware of.... For example... Meade series 5000 ED Triplet APO at around £650 or.. TS Triplet FPL-53 APO telescope 80/480 - 2" Crayford Refractor with dual speed focuser at around 650 Euros... Bearing in mind I wish to 'push' the magnification envelope AND do photography also will the triplets be the way ahead?? I've a feeling they are probably better than the Equinox, but by how much I don't know... i.e. how si
  14. Lovely...sorted that out:D I'll just open my book of 'A Gazillion Questions' and pick another..... Pete.
  15. Well no telescope yet so I'm just using my D300s on a tripod. This is a single 13sec exposure at12mm and ISO800. Quite a bit of tinkering in LR3 to bring out detail...(surprising how much there was from a single exposure). Pete:)
  16. Hi guys....My ever going quest to increase my knowledge base continues!! Many scopes are supplied with a diagonal but.... Is it better to purchase a 'non kit issue' diagonal instead?? Is it considered a good idea to get one with an erecting prism built in?? Reason for asking is I want to identify any 'weak links' in the chain of optics that would mean I wasn't getting 100% from my scope or eye pieces. Pete. Jeeze, I'm gonna drive you guys NUTS with questions....
  17. I think you and I are in the same place but on a different timeline!! I have a manfrotto 055xpro tripod that's very sturdy for my camera work and will have to suffice as a temporary measure until I get a mount sorted. I was going to get a cheap vixen scope from the FLO clearance section but talked myself out of it because it's not what I want and would set me back unnecessarily... I'm resigned to the fact that I will need to spend around £1000 to get started (lenses, mount, Equinox scope... un-foreseen extras). Which although not bad and certainly less than my D300s camera body, is still a
  18. The camera connectivity sounds good.... I'm an avid 'tog' and this is really an extension of something I love to do combined with years of interest in looking up on those wonderful crystal clear nights:bino2:
  19. Thanks John:) It's been doing my brain cell in!! I've been pondering for weeks and going in circles....If only money wasn't an issue:icon_eek: All things to those who wait....I'm having to be patient and keeping a constant eye on the usual 'sales sites' as well as the 'proper shops'... I am very close to pulling the trigger now though:D Pete.
  20. Aaaaah great... thanks everyone! I'll look into those and start plotting a purchase of my first ever scope:D Pete.
  21. To avoid confusion.... although 'banter' is always a welcome challenge:D I'll try again.... Great optics at under £100 per item... That's a 2 or 3 times (I'll take advice) mag barlow plus a high magnification lens and another which is considered to be a must have for an Equinox 80mm APO refractor... I would like very detailed, high mag lunar ability and something as a general purpose piece.... again top quality, without breaking the bank. Please, please will folks recommend a make/model, I know camera lenses like the back of my hand but telescope gear is unknown territory for me:p Cheers ever
  22. Mmmmm.... I think I need a lottery win first John:D I would hope to keep each item below the £100 mark.... I'm thinking of the Skywatcher Equinox as the scope part.... although if someone offered me £3000 worth of 80mm refractor for £500 I would seriously think about it... Pete:)
  23. Again, I can't speak from experience but I imagine the higher power from the barlow the more expense to get a good image. So I would think 3x at the most. I will take all the advice I can get here:D Thanks, Pete.
  24. Here's a hypothetical question that I hope will help me to 'get it right' the first time around..... If I bought an 80mm APO refractor and was allowed a Barlow plus 2 lenses only, what should I get?? Pre-requisits are for the best possible highest magnification moon images and another lens which experienced users feel is a 'must have'... I don't want 'standard kit' quality but I'm looking for great optics without breaking the bank. I would really appreciate a make and model, including the barlow (which must clearly be top quality too). This way I can look at the suggestions and figure out how
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