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  1. Hi All, Thought you might like to read this article from The Engineer: Planetary defence and universal exploration | Opinion | The Engineer Best regards chrsi
  2. Hi All, Well Jonathon organised a good meet, but between us we forgot to order clear skies! Nonetheless we had a great weekend as it waqs good to talk with everyone and learn a bit more. Thanks to Jonathon for making it possible. Great site and will be keen to go back as I can see there will be little light pollution. A few photos, nothing exciting. Friday evening in the pub! So Ian, is the sun really there? Dawn and Peter wrapping up. Garry I want a cup of tea! Peter's Dawn I'm sure it comes apart! What do you want? The slowly depleting field. Best regards Chris
  3. Wow Olly, that is some image! Awesome! Regards Chris
  4. Wow, Some seriously good work there guys I am mightily impressed. Thanks to everyone for showing me what can be done, I am very grateful for all your efforts. Hopefully you have enjoyed messing as well! You can see the smudges on the sensor in some of these attempts. Thank goodness all cleaned now! The photoshop bit I think I get, but it was DSS that was giving me a headache. When I first stacked, the three colour curves were together but I think to far to the left. With the green very well spread as opposed to the others which were very sharp. I guess sharp and pointy is the best as this is w
  5. Hi Peter, Sounds very complicated. You keep mentioned ditching the last file. Is there a problem with it? Best regards Chris
  6. Hi Luke, Many thanks. As mentioned before, without your help I might just of got a shot of some unidentified stars! Best regards Chris
  7. Hi Peter, Sounds complicated, If I knew what that lot meant I reckon I might have done it myself But guess you will be able to explain later. Best regards Chris
  8. Hi Peter, Looking forward to seeing the result! Did not get the chance to down size them last night. Best regards Chris
  9. Hi Dennis, Just trying to save as a smaller tiff with less sky and it is not making much difference so not sure what settings to make it as small as you suggest? Best regards Chris
  10. Hi Guys, All uploaded, here is the link: Dropbox - SGL6 Sunday - Orion Nebula - Simplify your life Looking forward to what you can do. Would be very grateful if you could also explain what you do! Many thanks for all your help. Best regards Chris
  11. Hi Peter and Dennis, Unable to do that in the office, but do have the RAW file. Oh and even larger TIFF files!! Best regards Chris
  12. Hi Peter, At 19mB each and a very slow upload connection I reckon it will! Up to 6 uploaded now! Best regards Chris
  13. Hi Peter, I think I get it! They are slowly uploading. I spot a second one is now green in my folder. Will upload the link once they are all uploaded. Best regards Chris
  14. Hi Peter, Many thanks for the info and link. Set up an account, dropped the 19 RAW files into the public folder, but when I get a link there only appears to be one file in there! Any ideas? Best regards Chris
  15. Hi Peter and Dave, many thanks for the comments. Hi Dave, if I could get a web site going I would happily upload. Have been without a web site in my business for nearly two years because I am so rubbish at it! Grrr. Best regards Chris
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