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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. 2 minute subs are pushing it a bit on my mount and tripod but I managed to get another hour of them last night and will try for some more tonight if the clouds stay away. The scope is my SW ED80 with a SW 0.85 reducer. The reducer is essential really, otherwise M31 refuses to fit on the sensor of my canon. vds
  2. Hello all The last couple of glorious nights have let me try M31. This was almost 2 hours of 2 minute subs unguided, with some darks and flats. Not sure about whether I am processing adequately, and I think I need to switch to RAW as the jpg format seems to leave me with some artefacts in DSS. Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments on how to improve it. I intend to try and gather some more data over the next couple of nights. vds
  3. vds

    Croydon calling.

    Welcome wrinkly from just a little south of you in Purley. vds
  4. Well the DSLR is out of juice so I'm off to bed. Hope it stays clear for those of you still imaging. vds
  5. First few nights of proper guiding for me too - working on M101 and M106 tonight. Might try M51 too if I can stay awake vds
  6. My 550D also has live view. It really helps with focusing using a mask.
  7. Welcome Gemma I used to live in Sutton too - went to school there many eons ago. Are you admitting to being one of the many who has fallen for the geeky charm of Prof Cox? vds
  8. Thanks for the replies chaps. I'll make a new set of flats today using the white paper and sky method and try again. vds
  9. Hello all I'm very green when it comes to astrophotography and could do with some advice please. I've been trying to image the Auriga clusters and came up with this problem: I assume the donut like pale area is because I've had problems with my flats? I made the flats at the end of the nights imaging session by taking the scope and DSLR indoors and pointing it at a blank laptop screen. I took about 10 shots with the brightness histogram around the middle of the spread and stacked them in DSS. The orientation of the scope and camera may have changed - could that have caused this? Do you normally make flats after each imaging target or can they be generic for each combination of scope and camera? Thanks for any advice. vds
  10. vds


  11. Not sure if you meant my Trapezium or Ronj's Olly, and I have to confess mine is a bit of a cheat as I had to use a photoshop gradient mask to layer in a short exposure for them. When I try to track for more than 30 secs I end up throwing a lot of subs away because of movement. Hope to try for an hour or so of exposure next time I attempt this. vds
  12. I used the moon to focus on last night - bright enough to see through the view finder, though live view on the 550D helps a great deal. vds
  13. Those are some pretty good shots - very sharp. vds
  14. vds

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome
  15. Second try at this. Same setup, but this time a total of 15min exposure time. Wanted to do more but the autostar controller on my scope has a habit of sulking when cold. Got a better field of view this time. vds
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