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  1. This is another effort with better focus and contrast i think. Shame I could get the whole of the moon in though.
  2. Thought you all might like to see my first effort at taking an astro photo. I used my skymax 127, with a 32mm eyepiece that comes with the revelation photovisual eyepiece set. I then used the 5mp phone camera on my htc desire and stuck it up to the eyepiece. It took about 3/4 hr to get it right. and the focus still isn't right. I managed to get better focuses but without the entire moon in view which was my goal.
  3. Thanks everyone for your tips. I'll download Stellarium now I think. My most wide field eyepiece is a 32 mm. Do you think thats enough? Sorry for all these questions. I've got "turn left at orion" on order, so hopefully that'll help me out when it comes. Cheers.
  4. Yeah I wondered what that was. Thought it was something to do with clouds. Didnt realise it was ice, or that so many other people would see it. Looked pretty amazing
  5. Hi everyone, I've only just started out in learning to star hop. So far I've found M42, M40 and pelaides (the M number escapes me atm). Ive also found Jupiter and the moon (easier ones i know). I really want to find the Andromeda galaxy M31. I've got a Skymax 127, I keep managing to get it looking at Casseopia, but then get lost as I try to navigate from there! Then I thought that maybe my scope hasn't enough appature, and thats why I cant find it. I know it should only look like a very light smudge. But its still exciting trying to view it. If anyone has any tips on how find it i'd be really greatful. THanks.
  6. Hi Stolen Feather, What scope is that in your picture? I was going to suggest a Skywatcher heritage 130p. Maybe a good option as it folds up quite small and ive read some good things about it. Im eyeing one up myself as id quite like something for camping.
  7. Hi, I bought my eyepiece set today and tried it out tonight on Jupiter, the moon and M42 (orion nebula) The first thing I think is good about the kit is having an organised place to put all your bits and pieces. This meant I could quickly swap between eyepieces and wasnt spending ages looking for caps etc. I tried Jupiter with the 20 mm and had a really good clear view, which showed some banding and 4 moons. I next tried the 9mm. The view was pretty good. The problem was that it was pretty rubbish conditions with a strange mist and odd cloud. Also I find the focuser too sensitive at high mags on the 127 so im going to adapt it slightly by attaching something to increase its diameter. I then went round to m42 with the 32mm and thought the view was great. I used averted vision to really get some detail out, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the clouds really came in and only the moon was observable. So to the moon i went. First with the 32 (amazing really crisp views) and then I with all the eyepieces up to the 9mm. I really enjoyed looking at specific crater detail with the 9mm. Some craters look like footprints left behind by a giant!! (or is it just me?) Im really pleased with the skymax 127 and revelation eyepiece kit and cant wait for some clearer skies. What mount is yours on btw? Ive got the autotrack and really like it. Im thinking about what other OTAs i could put on it.
  8. heres the link to my review if your interested. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/129599-review-first-telescope-skywatcher-skymax-127-supertrack.html#post1690379
  9. Hi there. It sounds like ive done a similar thing to you in that i too started with a budget of 200, which soon got turned into 300. I eventually settled on a Skymax 127 on a alt azimuth mount with has the autotrack ability. Not sure how photography is going to be for it but for views of jupiter, the moon and orion nebula (ive only had it 3 days and its been cloudy) Ive been absolutely thrilled. I wrote a review/report on it in the equipment review section. I would advise to think really carefully about how much time you'll have to set up the scope, and how much weight yoou can lift comfortably. I originally ordered a skywatcher 150pl, but had to send it back becuase it was way to heavy for me. As I say im really pleased with the skymax so far.
  10. I really like the the alt az mount as its so quick and easy to use. I am also eyeing up some eyepieces. I think ill keep the 25mm and replace the 10.
  11. I swapped from a skywatcher 150pl to a skymax 127 for issues to do with weight and size. Im very pleased with what you might call a small scope. What you use the most is the best scope!
  12. Good evening all. I thought I would provide a quick report of my first couple of nights observing with my new telescope: A skywatcher Skymax 127 supertrack which I bought for £290. First a wee bit of background info on what I was looking for in a scope. The number 1 consideration for me was weight! I wanted a scope, mount, tripod combo which is not heavy, as I have to carry down some stairs to set it up. 2, I wanted a scope that would be quick to set up and really easy to use. 3, I wanted a scope that could provide great views of the planets, the moon and some of the easier to view DSOs. The first thing to say is that this scope has provided all 3 of these points brilliantly so far. I can carry the whole set up with one hand if i need to, which is great. To set the scope up all I have had to do is plonk it anywhere pointing any direction and then use the key pad to slew around. You can set the scope to auto track. I haven't tried this yet. My choice of getting a scope that is easy to set up was a good one, as my viewing this evening has proven. As I walked home from work I was feeling miserable as the skys were completly clouded over. But then, as I put my key in my door I noticed a break in the clouds with Jupiter sticking though!! I ran up the stairs to my flat, grabbed the entire set up, ran back down stairs and pointed it to Jupiter. HEY PRESTO. I was greated with an absolutely brilliant view of Jupiter and four moons. I could see banding across the planets' surface and some colour. Needless to say I was dead chuffed!! I only had about 2 mins to view as it soon clouded over again. I managed to point the scope at the moon which was able to burn through the clouds. The view was brilliant. Even my very hard to please girlfriend said WOW as she looked through the 25mm eyepiece! I next slewed to M42 - the orion nebula - and after a bit of hunting with the 6 X 30 supplied spotting scope I could see the brilliant nebula in the 25mm. Again I was absolutely thrilled!! After about 3 mins looking at m42 some serious looking clouds had arrived and I was worried about rain, so i picked up the set up and carried it back up stairs!! If there is anyone looking for a first scope out there I hope this review helps. The scope is light, small to store, and yet is really well made. The views it provided me tonight were fantastic. I haven't looked through any other scope to compare, but I am really pleased with the views I got tonight. The fact that I can set the scope up in about a minute is brilliant, as in cases like tonight where I only got 2 mins for viewing. I thought about a goto, but im really glad i didnt. Hunting down M42 was really great fun and made it feel a bit more satisfying when I got it. Im now eyeing up some eyepieces to go with the scope as well as a heritage 130p which I might use for hiking and camping etc. If anyone has any views of this scope I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Clear Skies Everyone!! Double thumbs up for the skymax 127
  13. Hi Everyone, Can anyone offer me some advice? I've recently spent weeks trying to choose a scope. I ended up getting the skywatcher 150pl. It arrived and I immediately realised its far too big and heavy for me. So i've sent it back to the shop and got a refund. So I now realise that I want a GOTO mount with a small scope thats light and transportable. Ive got about 250 to play with. I want to use the scope for looking at the planets, the moon and some of the brighter DSOs. I would really appreciate advice as im stuck not knowing how heavy each scope and mount combo is. The weight is going to be a real limiting factor in me using it, as ive got to get up and down stairs!! Thanks everyone, I really appreciate any help. Tom
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