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  1. Aye. Your best bet is to keep it all indoors and just run the low voltage dc outside. The thicker the conductor in the cable you use, the less voltage you will lose at the telescope end. The voltage drop for 5m is about about 1% for a 3mm dia conductor (@10 amps) : 2% for a 2mm Dia : 8% for 1mm Dia.
  2. An alternative way, if you didn't like the idea of dismantling it, would be to turn the bolt so its bent end is closest to you as you look down the mounting hole. Hold it firmly and thread a bolt down the mounting hole to carefully bend it back "straight"
  3. Although I think it has a £10 min order.. ..maybe a good time to replace all the leaking seals in your radiator valves.
  4. Like this company? British Standard Size O-rings Seals NBR Rubber BS102-BS178 from Polymax
  5. 4. Finally, can anyone recommend the quietest mounts (either cheap or more expensive)? Dobsonian
  6. Alternativly how about building a sloped platform on wheels or even a wedge adaptor plate that will sit between scope and tripod.
  7. Having investigated a little further it looks like 15x70 fall into 3 weight bands. The heavest and also the best quality, are 2.4kg+ Garrett Signature, Hellios Apollo,Oberwerk Ultra Orion Resolux . The next lot are all around 1.8Kg Helios Q4, Garrett Gemini wp, Orion Giant view, Strathspey All the rest are around 1.3kg/1.4kg Celestron,Reverlation, Oberwerk15x70,Gemini LW,Helios Stellar, Orion Lt giants II. So yes it does look like weight and quality go hand in hand since all the heavy weights are the top ranges of each manufacture. Unfortunatly all are £300/£350+ which is a little out of my budget but at least it narrows the list down a little. I'm not completely in favour of getting the cheapest glass either so probably not the Celestron Strathspey and Revelation binoculars. No I hadn't considered a monopod - will have a look.
  8. Ok I have double checked Skymasters and Reverlation on various sites and have come up with 48oz as the true wieght (1.36Kg) for each. Looks like I will have to recheck all the binoculars and relist them.
  9. Hmm. Yes it does look like some web sites have different wieghts and some quote box weight rather than Binocular weight. I do have a tripod but I would like the option to not have to cart it around all the time.
  10. Do you think the weights are wrong for these binoculars? I just scanned them off the internet (see links) Revelation Revelation 15x70 Binoculars Telescope House Revelation 15x70 Binoculars Special Offer Skymasters Celestron SkyMaster 15 x 70 Binoculars Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binocular
  11. Looking for 15x70 binoculars which are light in weight..(< 2kg) So far the "out" Binos are Revelation 15x70 3Kg Celestron skymaster 2.3kg Orion Resolux 15x70 5.5lb Garrett Signature 5lb+ Oberwerk Ultra 5lb Helios Apollo 2.5kg Opticron 2.4Kg Under 2Kg are as follows.. Garrett Gemini WP 3lb Orion Giant 15x70 4lb Oberwerk giant 3.1lb (?) Strathspey 15x70 1.8Kg Helios QUANTUM-4 1.8Kg Helios Stellar 1.3kg I think thats the lot, have i missed any others out? So the question is which would you choose and why?
  12. One way to achive this would be to get hold of some concrete sewer pipe say 2' diamater and stack them to the required hight - filled with concrete mix as you go. For high pillers its best to go for larger base diameters.
  13. Alternativly you could try this.. Get to the display properties settings ..advanced settings Under the general tab you should be able to set the DPI setting Reduce the dpi a little and this may resize your window enough.
  14. Not sure I follow that. Surely the illuminated face "points" to the suns postion at least in one diamention irrespective of where we view it from. For example drawing a line across the points of the teminator (Yellow) and using that as a guide to the suns position (Red line) in the sky
  15. Something that always bothered me but I could never figure it out Why does it appear that the moons reflection doesn't line up with the suns postion. For example at around 3.30pm the sun was close to the horizon but the reflection on the moon - drawing a line through the moon from the middle of the dark edge to the middle of the illuminated edge - "points" towards a light source much higher in the sky (well above 30')
  16. Here's a nifty calculator for leds http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
  17. Aye I was the first thing I came across at the start of many hours searching. But the truth of the matter is that I don't have £100+ to spend on such a fine bit of metal.(Sry gary) I hope to get away with sub £10 - at least I can start looking for metal now I have the right sort of sizes.
  18. You would have to insure the cable could take whatever the person using it throws at it. You wouldn't want them to melt it if they put 6 Amps down it. So a cable of at least 10amp rating - isn't that cheap - would cost you at least £2 or even £3. The Dc power clips are about £1.20 ( Not using the cheap flexable pvc ones as they would become brittle over time outside.) So that leaves about £5 to Solder it all up and test it, packaging it, pay for the web site. I Don't think anyone would do it as a job for just £2 a lead or have any money left over after paying out for the extras so £5 sounds fair to me.
  19. Excellent pictures. Thank you. Now I know what to to get scrap metal wise - i'll let you know how i get on with it.
  20. Of course don't forget about static electricity...Getting zapped doesn't sound too much like a 13v supply but more like a electrostatic discharge. It could be either the Scope/mount or YOU that has accumulated charge. In other words it may just be the scope thats acting as earth to the electroststic charge built up on your clothes.
  21. How about a hex Capscrew ..... M3 to M10 in many different lengths. http://shop1.actinicexpress.co.uk/shops/Jandsfasteners/index.php?cat=Socket_Cap_Screws or if your after something more refined.. http://www.c4mc.co.uk/products/Metal%20Hand%20Screws%20and%20Hand%20Nuts/Stainless%20Steel/Adjusting%20Screw%20%20-%20316%20Grade%20Stainless%20Steel-365/ http://www.c4mc.co.uk/products/Metal%20Hand%20Screws%20and%20Hand%20Nuts/Steel%20-%20Chemi%20Black/Adjusting%20Screw%20-%20Metric-919/
  22. Very much so. I couldn't find even one picture of the base of the mount on the web yesterday. Give that most, if not all, commercial pier plates have some sort of extrusion, one could be forgiven in thinking the base of the mount had some sort of socket that needed accommodating. I hadn't appreciated that the base was actually flat ! So your basically saying that I just need a plate with a 10mm hole in it.
  23. This is similar to a commercial pier plate found on the web. The base size I'm guessing can be any size but 6" to 8" dia seems to be the norm. Still no closer to the elusive internal diameter but I guess the external diameter is not critical because the mount just sits on the ridge? Still no idea about the height...
  24. I'm intending to build a pier top plate to connect a CG-5 mount (Not yet bought) permanently to a 150mm steel pipe. Has anyone come across a dimensioned drawing on the web or can provide an idea of the sizes required to fit the bottom of the mount then i would be very much indebted.[/]
  25. Its only a small secondary mirror for now.. Thanks everyone for the links
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