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  1. Can you not shave a little of the black insulator off so that the contact is made?
  2. Not to mention the excellent Orion Uk scopes which have metal frames instead of wood.
  3. Your basic problem here is that the Tarpaulin your using doesn't reflect the suns rays so your shed is acting like a greenhouse. You can get silvers sun reflecting tarpaulins that should keep the shed cooler.
  4. You can but after about 4 hrs you will be :D:icon_cry:
  5. Did you try turning it around? You should have it like so...Eye -> LED -> Plastic screen -> stars You should see the LED light reflected off the screen and the stars behind it.
  6. Are you shooting through a window? Otherwise it could be "camera shake " as the SLR mirror flips up or as you press the shutter. Esp since your shooting 1/40 Sec. Try it out with a much brighter subject and get the shutter speed upto 1/200+
  7. No Dear! (sigh) Its always been that large...
  8. How easy is the Skyliner to transport and set up compared to say Meade or Orion uk telescopes. The Orion and Meade fit together just by slotting the tube onto the base carrage. Not sure how quick the skyliner puts together so thats worth considering if needs doing quickly in the dark.
  9. If your PSU can't supply the required current then the voltage will drop and nothing will work.
  10. This is a similar problem to yours.. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/97658-revelation-focuser-skywatcher-200p.html
  11. Otherwise send it back and then buy a skywatcher one....Prob a lot more expensive - i know i.e http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/75572-skywatcher-dual-speed-2-low-profile-crayford-focuser.html
  12. Fairly sure i've seen a previous thread about this sort of problem.. Do GSO sell adaptor plates to sort these problems out .. EDIT. Replacement Base for Reflector Crayford
  13. Is there any reason why you can't remove the bolt and just measure the diameter or test an M8 nut on it in B&Q Its a German mount so it should be a metric thread ....
  14. Could I just ask is there any reason you didn't buy the Takahashi 110/220VAC - 12/24v power supply with the mount?
  15. Have you checked that the driver for the firewire port is still working corectly? If your motherboard inside you pc has a silver stack of Firewire and USB sockets then it is likely to also have auxiliary usb and firewire sockets elsewhere on the motherboard. Shown here in red (firewire) and Blue (USB) Then all you need is a PCI firewire/USB backplate which will fit in one of the backplate slots at the rear of the case. Multi USB 2.0 / Firewire Back Plate : Internal Case Cables : Maplin
  16. I bet we won't see it here for under £1000 (or even under £1200)
  17. This link works ... GoTo & Computerized Telescopes | Orion Telescopes
  18. Any spare fuse on the consumer unit will do - most units have a RCD built in so that would cover it. If it doesnt then you would have to put a RCD box in line. Run it to a junction box using standard cable then make a connection to armoured cable running outside to Obs 2way RCD/consumer unit for power and lights. I suppose we ought to know how far is the Obs from the house and what exactly are you going to run off the cable?
  19. Thats the right sort of unit for the job but personally I would opt for one with seals round the door like this screwfix version. MK Sentry 4-Way RCD Garage Consumer Unit - Screwfix.com, Where the Trade Buys Its has a IP56 standard so your covered for any small leaks in the roof! p.s. Get some armoured cable - at least 4mm core - to join it up
  20. Names tend to go over my head, clean shaved, youngish
  21. Well it was my first Astrofest too. I was quite suprised by the amount of kit on show. My original intention was just to see one ot two different makes of dobsonian and was pleasd to see both Skywatchers and meade, Orion and Zhumell? on display. It was a good chance to talk to the people in the stands and compare quality. One of the highlights was to have a go at the Vixen Star Box 10 controller on the Opticron stand. Which was very clear and easy to use goto tracking system and full colour digital star chart rolled into one. A lot more cameras than I expected too, so we duly entered the Atik photo competition although didn't quite understand the idea of voting for as many photos as we could fit on the vote paper! Eventually ended looking at the Orion UK stand's 250L dobsonian which was on my list of "possibles" given the finer quality of optics (but at a cost). We eventally got talking about options not on the shows special price list and was taken aback with an offer that was made to me by one of the staff. So I now have an Orion OD250S deluxe on order and we both went out to dinner to celebrate.
  22. Thankyou for your comments. What really puzzled me was the number of threads from people struggling to achieve focus using a DSLR. Your saying this is far more likely a case of "user error" rather than the parts not physically able to achieve focus?
  23. I Know this is going to be no small question.. Which telescopes will allow the standard Canon or Nikon DSLR to focus satisfactorily out of the box without the additional cost of buying low profile focusers etc.
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