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  1. Asteroid

    New Comer

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  2. Hi Russ, welcome. Im also from Stoke
  3. Asteroid

    Hello :)

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  4. Hi and welcome to SGL, I'm from Stoke too, only got my scope this morning so here's to clear skies!!!
  5. Hello and welcome to SGL!!
  6. Hi and welcome to SGL. I actually ordered a celestron 4SE on Monday, and should have received it sometime today, but on wednesday, i got a call saying there were stock issues and had to cancel my order because the 4SE wasn't due in untill March. They offered me an alternative, the Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT. It's around the same price as the 4SE but i wanted to look around first. Whilst checking other websites i found that the 4SE had risen in price by about 10%. I found out what i could about the 127, and ordered one of those. It came first thing this morning. (ordered it yesterday afternoon) From what i can gather its a slightly better scope on a slightly worse mount. But i was told that between them, there's not an awfull lot of difference. If its a Celestron you're looking for, it may be worth looking at these. Also you should be able to pick one up for around £350 as i did. I wish i could give you more info on it but i doubt i'll get to use it tonight with these darn clouds.
  7. Asteroid


    Hi Sam, Welcome to SGL.
  8. I am new to astronomy, (just ordered my scope today) and i found knowing what equiptment people have very helpfull. Especially in the imaging section, where people have put their pics up of planets and so on. Knowing what scope they used gave me a good perspective of what i was looking for. Im sure i would still be looking now otherwise.
  9. If the offer was for the pickled onion flavour, you may as well be spitting in his face, and dont even get me started on flaming hot!! Now roast beef flavour.......this should be seriously considered, i dont think you would do much better.
  10. Hi Notts, welcome to SGL, you've come to the right place
  11. Thanks for the info rowan, i ordered the 127 earlier, should get it tomorrow
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