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  1. We have an EQ6 Pro and Skywatcher 250px. I don't think that sounds bad at all but we did improve our accuracy by adjustment of the mounting bar to tube ring interface (see attached) using an illuminated reticule eyepiece on a bright star and rotating the tube to check/adjust alignment. This cured our main problem with GOTO accuracy and 3 star alignment failures. Regards Mark & David
  2. I would be interested to know why some people choose this set up over say an EQ6 + 10" Newtonian. Given that the latter set up is half the price and provides a larger aperture what is it that makes the Celestron special. I understand the obvious advantage is ease of use, portability and possibly lighter weight, but is that it? I would be particularly interested in opinions from Celestron users who have upgraded/downgraded from say two or mores scopes and an equatorial mount. Regards Mark
  3. I don't know about the EQ3 but we don't have that problem with the EQ6 Pro. On the EQ6 the RA & Declination setting circles have two knurled locking screws 180 degrees apart. Although this is a goto set up and we normally only use the RA setting circle for initial Polar Alignment we did try the manual method with a star chart and RA/Declination settings. During the movement from one star to another and checking/resetting the RA and declination setting circles we at no time experienced any slipping as long as we locked the circles with the locking screws. Hope this helps! Mark & David
  4. Is this what you are looking for: http://www.adpartnership.net/DarkAdapted/index.html Mark
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    Hello Lee, More Somerset dwellers here (Yeovil) Mark & David
  6. brympton

    Hello from Somerset

    Hello Gene (and son), ...from another recent Somerset member here from Yeovil. Your introductory post reminded me of how my son and I got into this a few years ago - all good educational stuff and you never know where it might lead. David (my son) has just left college achieving 4 straight A's and has been accepted to read Physics at Oxford! Mark
  7. Hi SteveA, I have to agree with all the comments here so far - it's a biggie! From my point of view I would say that although the OTA comes complete with tube rings, mounting bar, eyepeices etc and therefroe represents excellent value for money ther are some extra's/mods which make using it much easier. I have attached an image to show what I mean. Firstly, the tube sits further forward than you might think (to gain correct balance) and secondly I also needed to add a third weight to the EQ6 Pro mount for the same reason. The popular way of gaining comfortable access to the eyepiece after slewing on an eq mount is to rotate the tube by slackening the tube ring clamps and physically turning the tube. This presents another problem with the 250px (and any other big/heavy eq mounted tube!) the tube will want to slide downwards no matter how careful you are which then upsets the balance (or worse!). We overcame this by fitting two band clamps in hoses as shown (attached) then added two quick release bolts. This was not my idea by the way, some digging around the web found various alternatives - try searching for "Wilcox Rings". We also added a second mounting bar to the top of the tube which improves stability, keeps the tube rings central and provides a handle for lifting onto the mount. Finally I have to say that although this is a great OTA at a great price I am looking to improve the mounting plate (with an M3 from astrodevelopments) for even more stability and replace the focusser with a moonlite version. Mark
  8. Hello all and thanks for all the information on this site which we have neen quietly absorbing over the past few weeks. My son and I live on the edge of Yeovil in Somerset and have been keen amatuer astronomers for a few years now. We are members of the Norman Lockyer Observatory near Sidmouth (fantastic dark site). We have met a couple of the people on this forum: Steve from FLO (nice chap) and Lee (also a nice chap) and hope to meet many more. Although we are happy with our current equipment: William Optics Zenithstar 100 Triplet and Z66, Skywatcher 250px and an EQ6 Pro complete with wildly incorrect polar alignment instructions! We do tend to travel around a bit rather than put up with our limited and light polluted view from the back garden. Currently we are considering eyepiece options and find ourselves being drawn to a set of Baader Hyperions and maybe a TMB Paragon. These seem to be of good quality and have the right characteristics at a "reasonable" price although we have as yet to look through one! Kind Regards Mark & David
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