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  1. :laughing3: Exactly, it's not helping. Let's hope we can get things back on track soon
  2. Another email arrives... With your email stating you would like a refund and get it collected right away, I thought you would not be interested in me offering you to make the product to your liking. Please let me know which parts where not to your satisfaction. Our CNC milling machines are all geared up to cut the metal with our designer 3D milling tracks on the OC1 with new imprinted. Orion Optics Made in UK OO logo underneath. The 9 point cell also ready to be machined with 3D milling tracks in the same shape as the cell getting smaller as they approach the centre, In other words following the shape of the cell inwards. also with writing in three positions.similar to the cell picture on this link. http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/AG/agrange.html Orion Optics Made in UK OO logo underneath If you have any preferences please let me know and I will see if we can implement them for you. A new CNC machined dovetail fitting to fit Vixen mounts. If you need the plate to fit something else; again please let me know the dimensions you require it to be made. Any other personal features you have in mind please let me know. Regards And a reply is sent... I have attached a document detailing all the items that I am unhappy with. I'm sure it goes without saying that it needs to be delivered in a clean condition. The essential items are the focuser, 9 point cell and the dovetail/tube rings. Regards We live in hope
  3. Jeeees Richie that's fantastic, glad to see that you got everything working well
  4. I don't think Orion Optics would want to agree with the fantastic mirrors but everything else is budget comments that are being suggested :shock: Take a good look at their website and advertising. If I wanted budget mechanicals I would have gone for the Europa 200 with R & P focusser and basic mirror cell for £299. I did not do this because I knew firstly that I would have to factor in extra money for a moonlite and the 9 point cell was an optional extra. The optics would be 1/6 wave. So I then looked at the Europa Deluxe at £449. First thing I notice is that a precision crayford is included which I thought was great because I would not need to upgrade this, also the optics are now 1/8 wave but the 9 point cell is still an optional extra. So now we move onto the SPX200 at £595, it has practically everything as standard including the 1/10 wave mirror. I include the optional 10:1 reduction drive for the focuser and a cooling fan bringing the total to £654 (CNC tube rings was not an available option (are these shown anywhere on their website?) otherwise I would have probably ordered these too. Similarly (and in hindsight) I would have factored in extra money for a decent dovetail. Is the SPX range being marketed as a budget OTA with fantastic mirrors - I think not. If I believed that how my OTA had been received was normal I would not be offering OO a second chance although the comments in support of OO are leading me to believe it is Surely no-one could argue that an OTA with 1/10 wave optics should arrive dusty and dirty? The component quality of the focusser and mirror cell have the potential to be top notch as long as they are finished properly (again as shown on OO's website). I'm not talking about missing logo's here I'm talking about fit, finish and operation. Anyway, the email has been sent and the OTA returned. OO can go one of two ways now either refund in full or provide a complete OTA to an acceptable standard. If they choose the former then you may see a review of the GSO 8" f/4 which is currently the nearest alternative I can find. If they choose the later (and it is acceptable) then nothing would make me happier than to photograph and report on this. Either way I intened to continue posting as long as this issue remains outstanding and people want to read it
  5. Ally, At last your true feelings have been revealed, I'm very happy to leave your post exactly as is - I couldn't have dug a bigger hole for you if i tried
  6. Astro_Baby, I think someone already has.... The OTA has just been picked up by the couriers and I have received the following emails: I hope (the couriers) have been today again for you, As I know they tried to collect it yesterday I has asked them to collect on a Friday. As soon as it arrives back I shall credit your account and I am so sorry for all the inconvenience we have caused you. Regards That's more like it and the next one's even better... (The couriers) have just confirmed collection of your telescope, On receiving the telescope I myself will give it the once over. Just to let you know today I have asked the engineering department to put the writing back on the 9 point cells and OC1 focus mount. At the same time we are adding a screw on adaptor with a brass locking ring with 3 locking screws to achieve good locking and centricity to the draw tube. This has been done for a few customers in the past and we have been waiting for their reports coming back before adding them permanently to the OC1. I know you feel disappointed with Orion Optics I just wish you would of given us another chance to put things right for you I have responded with the following... Thank you for your email. I still need a high quality short tube 8" OTA and I am more than happy to give you a second chance...you only had to ask! If this is truly your preferred option then I will be more than happy, I only ever wanted what was shown and described on your website. Regards Are things looking up...let's hope so as i said earlier wouldn't it be great to be able to post someting positive
  7. Not at all, I did not know that they where built to order when I made the purchase on their website. I read the "Terms" page as previously mentioned and called after 10 days explaining what I had read: "The ordered products will be dispatched by Orion Optics UK to you within 7 working days of the date you place your order although, because delay is sometimes outside of Orion Optics UK control, time of delivery shall not be of the essence." I just wanted a firm delivery date is that too much to ask? And you think that comment or this one is acceptable? I think we live on a different planet! If only that were the case. There is no offer to make amends here. I shouldn't have to fix anything at this price point. I'm not trying to assasinate anyone, just present the facts as they are. I would be more than happy for Orion Optics to apologise and replace this OTA with a clean well engineered product as shown and described on their website. Wouldn't it be great to be able to post something positive like the OTA has been replaced and is of the quality expected. Sadly this does not appear to be an option. In response to ally's post No, not particularly I don't think it will do any good.
  8. If I thought it would do any good I probably would. You only need to read the replies posted here that I have received. There is no apology, no "it should not have arrived in that condition", no offer to make amends or anything. Even after sending all the images with a complete description of the problems. I'm afraid the truth is that Orion Optics see this as acceptable and I do not. I was not sure when I started this thread what the reaction would be but it is clear that I am not alone. I will continue to post updates to this thread and let the facts speak for themselves. From my point of view I just want my money back - in full - and within a reasonable timeframe. We shall see if Orion Optics have the decency to do this
  9. Hi ally, yes I did it was the one item that made me consider keeping the OTA I am genuinly happy for you I just wish I could feel the same way Not sure I understand this comment, all I ever wanted was what was shown on Orion Optics website and what is stated on their delivery note: "200mm f4.5 Finest quality OTA" Let me explain. I have always been happy with William Optics products. Maybe they are not the best but they provide me with pride of ownership due to the fit and finish and excellent (in my view performance). I also admit that I'm fussy which is probably a result of working in the aircraft industry where qualiy is king. Further, I believe in buying British whenever possible and am more than happy with Linn HiFi and Triumph Motorcycles for example. So am I wrong to view an OTA (in total) as a precision instrument and in being willing to pay extra for "finest" quality? I am old enough to know what customer service is and have experienced excellent advice, products and service from Steve (FLO), Bernard (Modern Astronomy) and David Hinds. I did consider reworking this OTA which would involve replacing the focusser, replacing the dovetail, removing and re-engineering the 9 point cell, having the optics professionaly cleaned and correcting the twisted secondary spider vanes so that the edges were not visible when using the OTA. In the end I came to the conclusion that regardless of optical quality the execution of this product did not warrant the premium price and it is not as described by Orion Optics. May I ask what it is that you think I wanted for £654?
  10. That's exactly what I thought! I did consider replying to the last email, especially this line... "The dovetail is made from sand casting and will have some irregularities in production, but I see you have used it successfully." Not exactly.... (click to enlarge) And look at the mess it's made of my new AYO mount.... (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) Still, as long as I get my money back there's no point in retaliating and it's all packed up now ready to go back.... (click to enlarge) I almost wish I had titled this thread "Orion Optics Quality or Lack of It" and asked for it to be made a sticky as a warning to others but I guess it is better left as is...don't want to be vendictive...yet
  11. Part III. I sent an email with an attached document similar to what has been posted here but ending with Consequently, I am rejecting this item on the basis that it is not of satisfactory quality and request that you arrange to collect at your cost and refund me with the total amount paid This is the reply I received today... A few comments first if I may, The focus mount has been upgraded to these new screws as the large one which you like sometimes gets stuck in its fine threads. The 9 point cell is a 9 point cell, this is how we make them now as customers complained the writing was to much so we removed many months ago on the smaller versions. You are the first to complain about this. The dovetail is made from sand casting and will have some irregularities in production, but I see you have used it successfully. The telescope will be collected on Friday this week by TNT, The telescope must be returned in its same condition when it left the factory on inspection. If this is not the case we shall let you know. Regards So I need to find some dust and dirt before repacking then
  12. Yes but it doesn't look anything like this or even fit it's description: (click to enlarge) I'm really fed up and I think I'm going to send it back. I mean does this look like £654 worth
  13. The saga continues... So I'm at work, no-one's home and decide to check my webmail around 10.00am, this is the reply from OO: HI, As we promised to get it out to you between the 19th and 23rd, we just did that. TNT will probably be outside now. If not sometime today. Regards No dispatch notification, consignment number or anything. I call TNT explain the situation and ask if is possible to find this item and let me know if delivery is likely today? They are very helpful even calling the driver who confirms delivery will be between 12:30 and 13:00 hrs and provide me with the consignment number. I leave work early and take the afternoon off This could so easily have been avoided with just a simple dispatch email Anyway, it arrives and things are not getting any better: The box looks like it was sent from someone off ebay (2 halves taped together): (click to enlarge) However, it looks as though it's intact: (click to enlarge) Now for the disapointments, it's rough and it's dirty: (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) There are no locking screws for primary collimation: (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) This is an image of the focuser from OO: (click to enlarge) And this is what I have received, note the tiny screws and milled finish, it feels rough in operation almost as though it is ratcheting when focussing: (click to enlarge) The dovetail is appaling, not just the fabrication of it but the paint finish is second rate: (click to enlarge) There are no logo's on this (SPX200) just an Orion Optics sticker and no instructions, just a Zygo chart. I hope the optics are good because the rest of it seriously disappointing. For the price I expected better and certainly the Skywatcher OTA I previously owned was (in terms of fit and finish) far superior.
  14. I like to think that I am a reasonable person but when a supplier/manufacturer does not deliver on time and most importantly does not communicate I get really fed up. I ordered an SPX200 OTA from Orion Optics on the 2nd September and after carefully reading their “Terms” page expected either delivery within 7 days or an email stating when delivery was likely to occur. I have consequently sent the following email to them: To whom it may concern, I am very disappointed that I have not received my SPX200 OTA or any form of communication from you since the email below (order confirmation received 3rd September): This is an excerpt from your "Terms" page: The ordered products will be dispatched by Orion Optics UK to you within 7 working days of the date you place your order although, because delay is sometimes outside of Orion Optics UK control, time of delivery shall not be of the essence. Orion Optics will do all that it can reasonably can to meet the date given for delivery. However, we cannot be held responsible for delays that are beyond our control. In this case, we will contact you and agree an alternative date. After ten days had passed since placing the order I telephoned you to enquire about delivery as I had not received the item within seven days stated on the website. I was told that it does not say seven days for delivery and we do not stock telescopes as they are all built to order. I explained that this was a gift for my son, which I wanted before his return to University and was told to expect it on the 19th or the 23rd September. I have not received it and I have heard nothing from yourselves. Clearly this is unacceptable behaviour on your part and I do not intend chasing you again. I suggest that you refund my credit card in full so that I may purchase an OTA from an alternative manufacturer/supplier. Regards Am I impatient or is this just poor service?
  15. Hi Andrew, Funnily enough I have been looking into the same sort of thing since moving away from power packs and goto eq mounts. So I have considered pretty well the whole shooting match from digital setting circles to Astro-Fix locators and Wixey's which all seem to present the same problem; the requirement to be running some sort of software in the field. I have been using Stellarium to forward predict the position of targets but with only limited sucess - no surprises there! So now I have a choice, buy a pda and some software such as Astromist or consider the one solution that currently appeals to me which is a Telrad, plenty of charts available, low cost and no computer assistance. Once again time will tell whether this is the right choice but most of the stuff I've read seems positive. Regards Mark
  16. When I first installed it I read the pdf guide and started making a hot key template...until I got to the letter "h", F1 is useful too if you like to flip between windows...
  17. Hi Ben, Check this out it's free (my favourite word) http://www.stellarium.org/
  18. Ahh, but gift vouchers won't get you a discount and No, no ,no don't ever pay for it later. Seriously though I know saving up is an old fashioned concept but why pay interest? Here comes the controversial bit.. I never buy from anyone who charges extra for using Paypal... Maybe that's just me... but Paypal provides a service to the seller (IMHO) who otherwise could not accept credit cards... and some security for the buyer.
  19. Just testing the water here and in light of the Fairpack disaster I can understand that maybe this wont be so popular – but the basic idea is still sound (IMHO). All we need is an enterprising (and trusted) retailer to offer this facility. For example in return for a monthly direct debit payment I would be happy to receive offers/discounts on a variety of items. It would help me spread my costs and hopefully provide the retailer with a steady income. I realise that this adds to the administrative burden but there are benefits for all to be had. I welcome all opinions on this idea good or bad Regards Mark
  20. Thank you for the positive comment. The telescope used at that time was... this will keep Steve (FLO) happy ...a Skywatcher 250px mounted on an EQ6 Pro. Mark
  21. Many thanks for all the replies The final version has now been tested and made into a sticky here: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,31411.0.html Most if not all comments have been considered and included in this version. A big thank you must also go to AstroPhethean for his suggestions and testing. Regards Mark
  22. Just wondered if anyone else uses a Watec 120N+ plus here. Not sure if this is the right place to post as I mainly use mine for "enhanced" observing. Anyway in comparison to many of the images on here these are a bit low rent... (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) but hey I like them and its an easy field set up (Camera to Camcorder). What I really hope to see is some end results from someone who has one of these and knows what they are doing!
  23. Following on from some testing and comments here in SGL I have attached the final version of the Simple Eyepiece Calculator. It's a very simple to use tool which should save you from carrying out all the calculations and hopefully provide some guidance. All you have to do is input the data into the clear cells. The file is tiny, does not contain any macro's and is protected but without a password - so feel free to change it! Either the FR (Focal Ratio) or FL (Focal Length) can be input into the first cell, similarly the FOV (Field of View) cell will accept either AFOV or TFOV. Please be aware that the guidelines are just that - guidelines Regards Mark EP_Calc_v2.xls
  24. I am still incorporating some changes as suggested by AstroPhethean. If all goes well this should the one! Regards Mark EP_Calc_v2.xls
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