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  1. Now that will be interesting. Nice to see more evidence of improved customer service, hope all goes well for you Regards Mark
  2. I can highly recommend "Turn Left at Orion" to you both for binocular observing and for when you get a scope. Take a look at the except here: http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521781906 I bought the hardcopy secondhand off another SGL member - best bargain I have had in ages
  3. I had a very close look at the white one you had on display at South West Astronomy Fair (NLO). It certainly looked the part, very well made and excellent value too. I was going to ask if I could pick it up but with the weather being as it was you looked absolutely inundated with enquiries
  4. Wow, that certainly looks the business Aaron, do let us know how you get on with it
  5. Can't argue with that Jamie and yes their attitude has changed which is a good thing. If OO have now realised that customers (in the majority of cases) will not put up with poor service or badly executed products (excluding the mirrors of course) and this forum has played a part in resolving the issues then I for one am happy. Goodnight everybody :wave:
  6. Jeeees Arthur, there is an exclamation mark after the git, the comment was intended in a nice way as you had picked me up for not being word perfect - again
  7. It's all gone a bit quiet after the flurry of emails at the weekend Ant. I know that OO have received the returned OTA and as far as I am aware things are progressing. I guess the best thing for me to do is to put the past behind me and perhaps post a review in the Equipment Reviews section once I receive the replacement. Assuming that there is some interest in the outcome
  8. I'm all for staying friendly Arthur but you are a real git! You knew I was reffering to established maunfacturing companies not fly by night's. There are as many good reviews as bad for OO and I took a chance. Fortunately they are responding and maybe, just maybe I will be able to write a positive review. You still not going to make me an OTA if it all goes pear shaped then :crybaby:
  9. Aparently not as I found out ten days after placing the order. They are all built to order which I would have understood if their "Terms" page did not mention 7 days. I received the scope three weeks after placing the order.
  10. Arthur, I was very sorry to read this comment and also sorry that you feel a customer should research beyond what a company advertises before placing an order. Of the many thousands of pounds that I have spent on astronomical equipment over the years this is the first time that I have received a product that was so blatantly not as described. Fortunately and in such situations a customer is protected by the Sale of Goods act as has been mentioned previously on this thread. Regards Mark
  11. I remember looking into this a while back try doing a search for "Wilcox Rings" lots of interesting options and not too shabby diy solutions like this... (click to enlarge)
  12. Jeeees a scary video, I liked your idea with the surgical cotton wool balls better than the (being be careful what I say next) use of hands. Oh, is that one of those autocollimator triangles in the centre by the way - still waiting for mine (and James's to show up)
  13. bonsai, Are you aware of your local society: http://www.cadas.net/ Haven't been for a while but they are a friendly bunch and have their own dark site. Last I heard they were trying to raise funds for an obs, had all the plans, just lacked the funds Regards Mark
  14. Agreed, but I don't want to (have a bespoke one off made) I just want what OO advertise and it appears that I might get it (fingers crossed)
  15. Arthur, No offence meant and I'm not calling anyone anything just expressing an opinion as you have. You were (again in my opinion) comparing what it would cost you against what it would cost OO. I mentioned the SW, not to be provocative, only in reply to your comment that you would not achieve the same quality as OO.
  16. If OO come up with the goods isn’t that good news for everyone? There appears to be two trains of thought here, those who believe that the OTA is acceptable and those that don’t. I think the argument that “I could not do it for the price” is rather naive especially when comparing manufacturing costs against retail costs. As a retail customer in Arthur’s situation would he not be better off buying a complete SW OTA for less than £400. :scratch:
  17. And the reply... Hi Mark, No charges. Regards John
  18. Yes Ron I think you are right, very remiss of me not to have done this already...another email sent... Hi John, I have a slight concern that you may wish to apply additional charges. Can you please confirm before commencing work that this is not the case. I would not wish to proceed if this was the intention. Regards Mark
  19. Hi John, I looked at this option before ordering and the 200mm f/4.5 Ultra Grade mirror set was £500. Regards
  20. I would agree that this thread has probably run it's course and if all goes well I should be able to post a favourable equipment review... However, Call me a cynic if you like but with all these offers to do everything, what if OO turn round and ask for extra money? I hope I am wrong but the thought has crossed my mind
  21. Phil, I think OO may take care of the focuser for you. This is an edited part of one of the many emails I have exchanged... ...At the same time we are adding a screw on adaptor with a brass locking ring with 3 locking screws to achieve good locking and centricity to the draw tube. This has been done for a few customers in the past and we have been waiting for their reports coming back before adding them permanently to the OC1 Hope this helps a little. Regards Mark
  22. Phil, Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce this review. This is bad news for me and I feel deep depression setting in . I have similar requirements (shorter tube length and lighter weight) but was also swayed by the supposedly superior optics. I really hope I will be in a position to disagree with some of your findings. My biggest fear is that this may not be the case especially as you have the SW to carry out a side by side comparison and I will be relying on memory. I really wish we could get a zygo report on the SW mirror even if ultimately the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I do hope you decide to give the OO another go before deciding which one to sell (clutching at straws here) maybe seeing conditions played a part in this. Isn't there anyone here that can come up with good OO review :crybaby:
  23. Thank's for the support guys... Ahem... Hi Mark, Just a quicky mail, So do you not want the designer what we call 3D milled tracks on the OC1 or 9 Point cell. If you move the parts around and get reflections from them they look quite nice looking. I personally prefer it as it gives it a move expensive feel and look, but you are the one that counts as its going to be your telescope. Please let me know. Regards
  24. Yes Jeff and it seems that OO are taking things pretty seriously, several more emails have been exchanged today (all positive) regarding fit and finish. I can only assume that OO want to put things right - I will let you all know if this is the case. Russ, I think there is some genuine interest here in seeing the outcome
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